#OT Pattern Day Trader in…

#OT Pattern Day Trader
in a small account, I followed MamaCash on a LopHir and got flagged by IAB for too many day-trades. They count LopHir as two day-trades! Same for an Iron Condor, if you opened a spread it is one day-trade. Didn’t think of it as Tastyworks counts it as a single trade. I called and got already reset, but that makes things very complicated. Are the other brokers interpreting the rule as IAB does?

Downside Warning

#VIXindicator A downside warning is enacted today, since we closed at over 25% of Wednesday’s close (2-day closing low).

This new Warning resets VIX levels. The Warning would be canceled with a new SPX high above 2,940.91, or a close of the VIX of 12.44 or lower, with three consecutive closes leading to an Upside Warning.

Happy weekend to all!

Let’s meet here on Monday for a Traders Anonymous recovery meeting. lol.

MU expires

#LongCalls My shot at a long trade didn’t pan out. This is why I never used to buy options; too hard to determine when to close. Could have taken only a small loss had I sold at the right times Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday! How many times does the market have to tell me before I’ll make the move?
Expired: $MU Oct 5th 45 long calls, bought for 2.02 on Sep 14th.

#optionsexpiration Afternoon. Just a couple…

Afternoon. Just a couple expiring.
NUGT 10/5 14.5 Calls sold @ 0.47
MU 10/5 47.5 Calls Sold @ 0.32




#CoveredCalls – Right down to the wire. Took the stock with a basis near 80 but aggressive weekly selling has kept the position at near even all the way down.

Bought to Close WTW OCT 5 2018 68.0 Calls @ .39 (sold for 3.23)

Sold WTW OCT 12 2018 68.0 Calls @ 1.89

That’s it for my week. Have a great weekend everyone!