Closed out the 30 DTE 64/88 strangle for 0.41. $900 profit in under 10 days. Left the 65 DTE open.

Futures down big after hours so just freeing up some cash for hopefully a bottom soon.

SPX chart….

My SPX Chart for this current sell off…as is usually the case, on oct 4th, teh indicators I use called for a reversal at the top..see the white Line, as it intersected teh ADO and DPO moves to the downside..after a double top retested the 2940, the dam broke down…and as usual, I took advantage of the sell off based on my chart indications….


I think every financial pundit…

I think every financial pundit has said that “the market doesn’t know you or care about you, etc.” so it’s not about you. Hmm, occasionally I ponder that thought because…the last crash – SVXY dump in Feb – was on my birthday, today’s dump is our 37th wedding anniversary…no coincidence, right?! Carol’s birthday comes on Dec 5th, so I’m advising you now to put your stops in for Dec. just in case the market has a TGT on my back?

I’m very thankful that we’re not hunkered down, fighting to survive Cat 5 Hurricane Michael, and if you are in it’s path take cover and stay safe.

Fear and Greed

Yeah I would think so.
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.08.07 PM


#ShortPuts – Same strike for better premium….

Sold TNA JAN 18 2019 60.0 Put @ 4.00


#VIXindicator An additional triple warning at the close, following through on Friday’s first warning.

SOXL STO SOXL Nov16’18 65…

STO SOXL Nov16’18 65 PUT $0.85
STO SOXL May17’19 70 PUT $7.80
STO SOXL Feb15’19 70 PUT $4.80
STO SOXL Dec21’18 70 PUT $2.80