Closed out the 30 DTE 64/88 strangle for 0.41. $900 profit in under 10 days. Left the 65 DTE open.

Futures down big after hours so just freeing up some cash for hopefully a bottom soon.

SPX chart….

My SPX Chart for this current sell off…as is usually the case, on oct 4th, teh indicators I use called for a reversal at the top..see the white Line, as it intersected teh ADO and DPO moves to the downside..after a double top retested the 2940, the dam broke down…and as usual, I took advantage of the sell off based on my chart indications….


I think every financial pundit…

I think every financial pundit has said that “the market doesn’t know you or care about you, etc.” so it’s not about you. Hmm, occasionally I ponder that thought because…the last crash – SVXY dump in Feb – was on my birthday, today’s dump is our 37th wedding anniversary…no coincidence, right?! Carol’s birthday comes on Dec 5th, so I’m advising you now to put your stops in for Dec. just in case the market has a TGT on my back?

I’m very thankful that we’re not hunkered down, fighting to survive Cat 5 Hurricane Michael, and if you are in it’s path take cover and stay safe.

Fear and Greed

Yeah I would think so.
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.08.07 PM


#ShortPuts – Same strike for better premium….

Sold TNA JAN 18 2019 60.0 Put @ 4.00


#VIXindicator An additional triple warning at the close, following through on Friday’s first warning.

SOXL STO SOXL Nov16’18 65…

STO SOXL Nov16’18 65 PUT $0.85
STO SOXL May17’19 70 PUT $7.80
STO SOXL Feb15’19 70 PUT $4.80
STO SOXL Dec21’18 70 PUT $2.80


BTO Oct 24 Calls 281/283 $1.05

Last Trade:

ESPR BTO STOCK @45.60 A starting position. Have taksan, ;>) short call and put positions.

Adding to SOXL

#ContangoETFs This is one of the few short options positions I’m managing in this correction…
I have a few #VXXGame positions, but other than that my shorts are mostly calls in commodity ETFs that aren’t as affected by the selloff.

Sold $SOXL Dec 85 put for 5.40.
Sold that for 1.60 more than I sold the Dec 90 put on Monday.


BTO 2021 60 calls @ 19.50

VIX long puts

#VXXGame Not something I’ve done before,

Bought to open $VIX Oct 30th 16 puts for 1.30. A bet we’ll be back below 12 by the end of the month. I’ll add more if I can get the price down closer to 1.00.

SPY calls

Not my usual type of trade but playing an oversold bounce into the close.
Bought $SPY 10/12 280 calls @ 2.62. Will keep a tight leash on it, stop at 2.50.


Big day. Time to turn on CNBC and watch them all freak out. The British host seems so calm, though.

LABU STO LABU Oct19’18 55…

STO LABU Oct19’18 55 PUT $0.90

TQQQ STO TQQQ Oct19’18 50…

STO TQQQ Oct19’18 50 PUT $0.60


STO October 66.5 calls @ .60 against my 2021 long calls.

Afternoon. #spxcampaign BTC my Oct…

Afternoon. #spxcampaign BTC my Oct 19th 2940/2960 BeCS @ .30. Opened yesterday at 1.65. This makes the IC profitable.


STO XBI 19 OCT 18 89.5 Calls @.70….Selling below my core…#fuzzy #leaps
Negative Delta’s on my EWZ position so BTC 10/12 35.5 Calls and STO 10/26 36 Calls @0.08 Credit….BTC 10/19 35.5 Calls and STO 11/2 36.5 Calls @0.15 Credit….#Leaps #fuzzy

VIX Game

Bought VIX Oct17 20/25 BuCS @ .63 avg price for insurance to protect against another big leg down in SPX.

UVXY adding

#VXXGame Sold $UVXY Jan 2020 85 call for 14.15. Highest available strike.


#SPXcampaign Stopped out, $SPX Oct 19th 2790/2765 put spreads for 6.05. Sold this morning for 3.25.
Basically I just lost the same amount that my call spread is winning me.
Will look for better entries at a better time. Now is not it!


BTO January 2021, 60 calls @20.50


STO October 26, 1550/1570 bull put spread @ 2.15

Doubling Down

#PreEarnings Well, you gotta pick a bottom sometimes… actually, you don’t really, but I did. Doubling down on my two lowest priced long options trades. These report Oct 23 & 24, respectively.

Bought $CAT Oct 26th 165 calls for .29. Avg cost now .827 on a double sized position.

Bought $VALE Oct 26th 15.5 calls for .44. Avg cost .477 on a double size.

Adding to TQQQ

#LongLEAPs Bought $TQQQ Jan 2020 66.67 call for 12.60, adding to my first one I bought for 17.60 last Thursday.


Closes and adjustments

Closed WMT and UNH lophirs for profit.
Closed half of SSO lophirs for loss.
Adjusted ADBE, AMZN, DIA, GOOGL, ISRG, MSFT, NFLX, and remaining SSO lophirs with call credit spreads and long puts. Adjustment goal is to extend range to the downside and neutralize rising deltas.

It’s been a tough week for my positions. Down but not out.:-)



Denny’s is up today, apparently the flight to quality is from AAPL, ANET, AMZN–to Dennys!

VIX hedge

#Hedge – I didn’t think this would pay until the election. It may do better but I’m booking it while it’s nice and green.

Sold 10 VIX Nov 11/13/17/21 double verticals @ .56 (bought for .10)

Actually left the long 11’s on for maybe a drop…


#ShortPuts #IRA – Adding one here…

Sold TNA JAN 18 2019 60.0 Put @ 3.05


BTC October 19, 90 puts @ .05, sold at 1.15

My only winner of the day.


ROKU BTC 10/12/18 69.0 & 70.0 CALLS @.05
SFIX BTC 10/12/18 29.,29.5 &30.5 CALLS @.02 & .03

No predictions here but I…

No predictions here but I don’t think we bounce until the VIX is in the 20s.

Only trade that is working for me at the moment is /CL. MU, WDC, EXPE, and most of the chips all suck. Good thing they are #fuzzies and still have 1-2 years to break even.

I am now flat on profits for the year in my core account but still have 12k + of decay over the next 35 days. Unfortunately they theta decay is not keeping pace with the dropping market.

XLF flat

Financials are flat on a 1% down day.


Sold $MLM Jan 18 2019 150 put @ 2.20

TQQQ-bearish trade

STO January 55 puts @ 5.10 against my January 50 puts  that I am long in January. This trade will cover my exposure and give me a gain of .11 cents on expiration. I was tired of looking at a loss for the last several months and am moving on.


#CoveredCalls – Continuing to sell these around my breakeven level….

Sold WTW OCT 26 2018 65.0 Calls @ 2.15


#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Adding another batch with stops on the others.

Sold TLT NOV 16 2018 117.0 Calls @ .40


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Earnings next week. Would like a bounce of some sort to sell more there.

Bought to Close PYPL OCT 19 2018 92.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .62)

Pre-Earnings long call update

#PreEarnings Bought my last batch of $VFC Oct 26th 95 calls for 1.05. Avg price on full position, 1.20.

The remainder are all under water. Holding up best are $GPC And $VALE. $CAT and $MSFT hobbled.

$JPM not too bad… since I sold half, the position has only a small max loss… I may keep this second half past Friday morning earnings in case we get a gap open.

VXX Game

#VXXgame I was early on this but sold $UVXY March 75 call for 7.25, adding to my position.

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Oct 19th 2790/2765 put spreads for 3.25. Offsets the call spread I sold Monday.

REGN holding up

Everything I dumped on Friday is lower now, except $REGN. The only one holding up.

#spxcampaign Bought to close my…

#spxcampaign Bought to close my Oct 19th 2760 2740 BuPS @ 1.50. Opened at .90.

New lows

$SPX just exceeded Monday’s low, but VIX is a full point lower than Monday’s high.