Fresh sell signal on 15 minute into close. Shorted at 7020 out at 6960 so profitable for the day.

Seems like the big moves occur early and late in the the day as people move stuff around to avoid margin.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign I was trying to get a fill on this before the bell, but didn’t. Then I moved to sell it quickly as I saw both GOOGL and AMZN down sharply. Not looking good for the market tomorrow unless the conference calls get these higher.

Sold to Open $SPX Nov 2 2760/2785 call spreads for 6.25.

Double Calendars

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar
Followed Mama on three of these ideas…

Bought $CL Oct26/Nov2 64 dbl calendars for .44
Bought $INTC Oct26/Nov2 45 dbl calendars for .54
Bought $GILD Oct26/Nov2 70 dbl calendars for .95


In my IRA, I rolled my 58.5 calls from November 9, to November 16, 59 calls for a credit of .18 cents. These are against my 66.67 calls and I have 61 more weeks to go. I have covered 50% of my cost so far but am under water on the long dated position.

#earnings #ironcondor AMZN Following the…

#earnings #ironcondor AMZN
Following the AMZN condors, sold Nov. 16, 1450/1460/2010/2220 for 1.75, thanks all

#shortcalls #closing UVXY Oct. 23,…

#shortcalls #closing UVXY

Oct. 23, sold Jan. 18, 2019 112 call for 6.05, bought today for 4.99, like the deer running my neighborhood these days, I’m a little skittish.

LEAP covered calls

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls
Sold $TQQQ Nov 2nd 58 calls for 1.20.
Sold $SQ Nov 2nd 77 calls for 1.20.