Alas to lophirs

Although it pains me, I must step back from calling lophirs a safe trade. The max risk against potential reward is simply too high when volatility is elevated. So back to MamaCash basics for me.
Don’t risk more than 1% of account value on any single trade.
Map trades to my market mindset of long, choppy, or short. This year has really been a chop fest. Volatility tells it all.
NEVER assume that the markets can’t or won’t spike or drop to blow out your account.

I will survive but not especially proud of taking a big hit on my accounts after securing great profits for the year. I hope the rest of you are not learning the same lessons I am.:-) I will post when I finally close the trades I put on a couple weeks ago but for now, active management continues.


#pre-earnings, #superchargers