/NQ scalp…

#Futures – Got excited and had to share. Took 19 points out of the NQ futures in my first live money try using the Theo Trade strategy. Just played the tiny bounce off 7100…

#spycraft If I can generate…


If I can generate enough cash with some rolls this week, I might start nibbling on SPY IC or at least one sided credit spreads. Would be a shame not to at least collect a few $ with the premiums being higher than they have been in a long time.


#Earnings #ShortStrangles – Just going with one in case I have to manage it for awhile. Based on Jeff’s data (BTW…which I love what he’s doing with those posts…thank you!!) selling near the max move.

Sold BIIB OCT 26 2018 295.0/345.0 Strangle @ 5.20

#lophir #closing WMT Closed Oct….

#lophir #closing WMT
Closed Oct. 26 WMT lophir from Sept. 21, made about $60

LMT pre-ER

Sold LMT pre-ER long calls @ 94% loss and BWB for 38% loss. Still holding double calendar thru earnings to reduce losses.


BIIB strangle

#Earnings Sold to Open $BIIB Oct 26th 285/350 strangle for 3.35. Filled on 1, have another 1 pending. Strikes are just outside expected move when I posted the analysis earlier. However, IV has dropped intraday and now expected move is 296 to 343, which is the same as the MAX moves over last 12 quarters.

I’ll likely sell a third later in the day, but 3 is my max at this high of a stock price.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – With biotech in the dumpster any 2020 positions I don’t mind keeping are in a perfect position to roll to 2021 for minimal cost.

Rolled XBI JAN 17 2020 97.0 Calls to JAN 15 2021 97.0 Calls @ 3.70 debit