Not much relief for the short

#OptionsExporation #VXXGame #SPXstrategy
Only expiration is a long $SPX Oct 6th 2400/2375 put spread. Bought it last week for the bargain price of .20. Other than that, closed $VXX Oct 6th 44 puts for 6.53 (avg price). These are the “covered” puts against #LongPutDiagonals. This one’s gotten rough. Will have to figure a way of #Rolling later.

Have a good weekend all! I will be on or near the beach.

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Oct06 – A…

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Oct06 – A very light week and next week will be too.
Almost the last $SVXY Puts for the current year expired.
I need some more volatility.

— Expirations —
NUGT (Weekly) Oct 6 2017 28.5 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Oct 6 2017 55 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Oct 6 2017 65 Puts

$UVXY #ShortPuts – Forced into…

$UVXY #ShortPuts – Forced into a roll with a drop in $UVXY in the last 5 minutes of the trading day.
Bought to Close UVXY Oct 6 2017 18.5 Puts @ 0.08 to avoid assignment – Sold these @ 0.27
Sold UVXY Oct 13 2017 17.5 Puts @ 0.30 to replace them.


Full Profit (Alleluia)
$COST 170 covered call The rest of the $COST trades went south after earnings
$SPX 2330/2355 BUPS
$T 38.5 put
$REGN 412.5 put Thank you @fuzzballl

Have a great weekend. Is it still Columbus Day Monday or has it been taken down. How will retail get there mojo back if there are no more holidays. 😁


#LongCallDiagonals – Looks like a 155 pin today. Not gonna quite get it all so selling slightly higher next week…

Bought to Close AAPL OCT 6 2017 155.0 Calls @ .15 (sold for .95)
Sold AAPL OCT 13 2017 157.5 Calls @ .40

Rolling (the dice?) With WYNN

$WYNN BTC 10/6 148 put and STO 10/20 148 put @ 1.15 credit

SPX Campaign

$SPX STO 10/16 2490/2515 BUPS @ 1.00 As always, thank you @jeffcp66