Account accounting…?

Just wondering how you guys track your trades. TOS (or any platform for that matter) just isn’t very good about tracking basis in positions after rolls. I don’t treat every little trade as a stand alone trade. Sometimes it’s many rolls and adjustments but always related back to the original position until the whole enchilada is closed.

Here’s how I do it but I’m always looking for something easier. Mine can be a little time consuming if I’m very active but that’s pretty rare (and I enjoy this part anyway). It’s basically doing the calculations long hand and typing into a text file…(always backed up on two computers). This layout has evolved over the years for various types of positions but here’s the basic strangle sale with an adjustment (actual numbers if that’s ok).

Original trade:

Sold EWZ DEC 15 2017 40.0/45.0 Strangles @ 1.55

Entered in my text file:

EWZ + 559.90 (5 Dec 40 Puts @ 1.12) Dec 15 monthly
EWZ + 204.90 (5 Dec 45 Calls @ .43) Dec 15 monthly


Rolled EWZ DEC 15 2017 45.0 Calls to DEC 15 2017 42.5 Calls @ .53 credit

Modified entry in my text file reflecting premium received for call roll and new strike:

EWZ + 559.90 (5 Dec 40 Puts @ 1.12) Dec 15 monthly
EWZ + 459.70 (5 Dec 42.50 Calls @ .96) Dec 15 monthly

This keeps a running total of exactly where the trade stands at any time. Dollars rounded to nearest nickel after commissions and premium received actual amount to the penny.

Am I too anal? LOL open to ideas. It’s a shame a platform can’t track these any better!