#longcalldiagonals SVXY experiment week 4….

#longcalldiagonals SVXY experiment week 4.

The runaway train has my 76 call way ITM with only a few cents of time value left so rolled this week out to Oct 6 78 call for 0.50 credit. Probably need to roll it up to 90 but want to keep taking in credits and that was as close in time I could go and still take a decent credit.

Cost basis now 12.72 and 17.80 plus a few cents for commissions.

The profit graph is starting to look interesting now. No upside loss and my break even is now mid 60s. Will post later.

Open P/L $2063 in 4 weeks on 4.5 contracts so looks like this will work really well long term. Still have 60+ weeks for the trade to play out. Max risk is now none to upside and $1000 per contract to downside. Bring in another 2000 in premium and risk will be 0.