NYC Picnic I have been…

#SMMPicnic – The post below is from Jay over on SMM. No need to still be an SMM member.

NYC Picnic I have been posting about this for a few weeks. If you are interested in coming please get back to me so I can get an idea of how many of us there will be. Thanks below is my previous post

OT NYC Picnic – Oct 7th I think either at 12 or 1:00 in Strawberry fields Central Park – more direct info to follow – We usually meet up on 72nd street and Central Park West and walk in together. Please email me of your interest in going so we have a general idea of a head count if the weather is not good to move it indoors some where and so I have an email list for contacting you regarding the gathering. We have been very successful with these in the past and I think you will all enjoy meeting Dan and Gary and conversing with fellow traders and put a face to the names here. Please email me at aragorn555_2010@yahoo dot com.

Below is What Gary wrote previously

#NYC Picnic – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2017. Hey Team. We are all set for some fun in Central Park on Oct. 7, 2017. I’ll work with @Aragorn on specifics and let you know but we usually meet early afternoon and all bring lunch, lounge chairs, etc. So, SAVE THE DATE!!
Can’t wait to see all of you.