Synthetic SVXY

Having trouble getting my TOS to copy or share at the moment but if you did a synthetic long with LEAPs CC on SVXY you could currently buy the 75 call and sell the 75 put Jan 19 Leaps for 2.55-2.6 debit. Each contract would require margin of $7500. You can then sell next weeks 78.75 call for 2.01. Then each week roll the call. In 2 weeks your cost basis is zero so any additional sales would be profit as long as svxy stays about where it is now. Any upside you make $ on both the call and the put.

In case of a big drop you probably would not get assigned until the majority of the time value is out of the short put or is way ITM.

If I can get my graph to share will post it. I am not doing this now, just an idea but will probably put on a few positions in 2 weeks when some other options expire.