DUST closed

#ContangoETFs Closed on GTC order: $DUST Jan ’18 85 call for .35. Sold for 4.00 on April 26th.


Anything I might need to add here? I like to stay clean and streamlined. Moved my CCI levels out to 190. When those get breached I start looking for a reversal. Jump in on the second candle of the reversal. No entries ever until CCI gets broken up or down. RSI as a guide to confirm extreme swings. Reversals near pivots are even better with 34ema as a guide also.

Still experimenting…Active Trader Setup

UVXY #shortcalls STO Aug 25…

UVXY #shortcalls
STO Aug 25 $44 calls for 0.16 and 0.07 what looks like easy money 1 day to expiration.


STC part of strangle Aug 25 $32 put closed for $1.10, bought for $1.30, missed my chance earlier today to sell for over $2, too bad.

NUGT #shortcalls BTC Sept 15…

NUGT #shortcalls

BTC Sept 15 $35 call for $1.70, sold week ago for $1.95, risk off play.


#Earnings – Rolling the dice on my winnings from ULTA last quarter…

Sold tomorrow’s 220/235/250 iron fly @ 11.90

$FOSL $SIG $DVN – taking…

$FOSL $SIG $DVN – taking a few short puts off at nice gains. Will reload on the next leg lower in the market.
Bought to close FOSL SEP 29 2017 7.5 Puts @ 0.30
Bought to close 1 SIG OCT 20 2017 40.0 Put @ 0.20
Bought to close 1 DVN OCT 20 2017 28.0 Put @ 0.51