DUST closed

#ContangoETFs Closed on GTC order: $DUST Jan ’18 85 call for .35. Sold for 4.00 on April 26th.


Anything I might need to add here? I like to stay clean and streamlined. Moved my CCI levels out to 190. When those get breached I start looking for a reversal. Jump in on the second candle of the reversal. No entries ever until CCI gets broken up or down. RSI as a guide to confirm extreme swings. Reversals near pivots are even better with 34ema as a guide also.

Still experimenting…Active Trader Setup

UVXY #shortcalls STO Aug 25…

UVXY #shortcalls
STO Aug 25 $44 calls for 0.16 and 0.07 what looks like easy money 1 day to expiration.


STC part of strangle Aug 25 $32 put closed for $1.10, bought for $1.30, missed my chance earlier today to sell for over $2, too bad.

NUGT #shortcalls BTC Sept 15…

NUGT #shortcalls

BTC Sept 15 $35 call for $1.70, sold week ago for $1.95, risk off play.


#Earnings – Rolling the dice on my winnings from ULTA last quarter…

Sold tomorrow’s 220/235/250 iron fly @ 11.90

$FOSL $SIG $DVN – taking…

$FOSL $SIG $DVN – taking a few short puts off at nice gains. Will reload on the next leg lower in the market.
Bought to close FOSL SEP 29 2017 7.5 Puts @ 0.30
Bought to close 1 SIG OCT 20 2017 40.0 Put @ 0.20
Bought to close 1 DVN OCT 20 2017 28.0 Put @ 0.51

Rolling AAOI

It looks like we won’t make it up to 65 so I’m rolling tomorrow’s (8/25) $AAOI 65 puts down and out to Sep 22 62 puts for 1.95 credit. New strike is at the money (stock at 62.27) and after the credits taken in, my cost basis if assigned would be 61.80.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Sep 8th 2475/2500 call spreads for 3.10. With the indecision I am now looking to sell spreads on either side, offsetting existing spreads to make new condors. Since I had puts but no calls existing for Sep 8th expiry, I sold these calls.

Earlier, closed on GTC order: Sep 6th 2300/2275 put spreads for .20. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 2.85 on Aug 10th.


As I write this $UVXY is up 5.5%, $SVXY is down 2.8% yet my short calls in $UVXY and short puts in $SVXY are both positive on the day. So even as the underlying’s are moving against me, premium is getting sucked out, not increasing like you would expect.