NUGT call

#ContangoETFs Sold $NUGT Dec 51 call for 2.20.

Recent discovery and follow-up to…

Recent discovery and follow-up to cover calls versus rolling puts.

With the rebound WDC I am back to break even after 3 weeks after a 17 point drop. However the covered calls have recovered quicker than the put rolls. Bottom line is that is probably more efficient to accept shares and convert to covered calls instead of continuing to roll the puts. It will still take me another 3-4 weeks to break even on the put rolls which is money that remains tied up. The CC will close next week giving me money to trade with again.

Sometimes better to sell an ITM covered call instead of a put on the weeklys especially on stocks that have an upside bias. Looking at a trade on SVXY the other day at the 76 strike, the covered call would have made $1290 on 10 contracts and the put only $1100 on the same number of contacts. The extra money would more than offset the exercise and assignments fees and just as easy to roll the calls. Plus rolling the calls usually gives you more capital gains as well.

$UVXY #Strangle – I HAVE…

$UVXY #Strangle – I HAVE NOT put this on yet but it’s a decent trade.
Short the Sep 8 2017 25/55 Strangle for more than 2.00 with the stock at about 30.50.
Only 3 more weeks to expiration with the Labor Day holiday thrown in to accelerate decay.

$DUST #ShortPuts Sold DUST (Weekly)…

$DUST #ShortPuts Sold DUST (Weekly) Aug 25 2017 25 Puts @ 0.60 in an account with long NUGT stock. Hoping to force NUGT up or collect more premium dollars while I wait for that to happen.

WMT earnings

#Earnings #BrokenWingButterfly
Slightly different… Sold $WMT Aug 18th 78.5/81.5/84 broken-wing butterfly for 2.00. Max loss downside is 1.00, max loss upside is .50. With stock at 81.00, can sustain a -1.9% move down and a +3.5% move up and remain profitable. Leans bullish with decent retail reports today from TGT and URBN.
Biggest UP move: 9.6%, Biggest DOWN move: -4.4%, Average move: 3.6%.

$NUGT #CoveredCalls – Sold NUGT…

$NUGT #CoveredCalls – Sold NUGT Aug 25 2017 36.0 Calls @ 0.37 with the stock at 32.50

$XOM #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold…

$XOM #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold XOM Jan 19 2018 70.0 Puts @ 1.11 with the stock at 77.39