SPX expired

#OptionsExpiration #SPXcampaign #RiskReversal

This expired Monday, unsuccessful long but nonetheless a small profit since the put spread was sold for a higher amount.

$SPX July 31st 2490/2510 long call spreads, bought for 1.65 on July 21st.
$SPX July 31st 2450/2425 short put spreads, sold for 2.00 on July 21st.


$SPX 2425/2450 BUPS

Short Puts/Short Calls/SPX Campaign

$AAOI STO 9/15 65 puts @ 3.40 Thank you @ramie77
$SVXY STO 9/8 75 puts @ 2.10 Thank you @hcgdavis
Following the article previously cited on $BA
$BA STO 8/18 255/245 BECS @ 2.80
#SPX STO 8/9 2415/2440 BUPS @ 1.70 Thank you @jeffcp66

$UVXY #ShortCalls – Sold UVXY…

$UVXY #ShortCalls – Sold UVXY Aug 11 2017 61.0 Calls @ 0.11.
New strike prices up to 63 in the Aug 11 weekly cycle.

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Sept 1st 2375/2350 for 1.40, with SPX at 2471.

$AZO patience paying off

For those of us who held longer term short put positions through the painful month of July things could be turning around. Chart has a nice rounded bottom since the gap down on 7/5, with the stock threatening to trade into that gap, now above 540.
I am short:
Aug 520 puts
Sep 480 puts
Dec 500 puts

Replacing $AAOI

I’ve been selling puts on this all the way up the last couple of months, with the intention of taking the stock if assigned. They’ve all either expired or were taken off early for near full profit. Today I closed one more with earnings coming up:
Bought to close $AAOI Aug 11 65 puts @ .70. Sold for 2.40 on 7/17.
Resetting for September to get good premium:
Sold to open $AAOI Sep 15 65 puts @ 3.50.
I guess another way to look at it is rolling out to Sep for 2.80 credit but I’m treating it like a separate trade in September.
The only other position I have on in this name is short Aug 18 55 puts which I’ll keep on over earnings.