Options Expiration

Full Profit (except where noted)
$SPX 2310/2335 BUPS
$SPX 2320/2345 BUPS
$AAOI 80/90 BUPS
$GOOGL 927.50/937.50 BUPS (Other half of Earnings IC closed earlier @97% profit)
$MCD 152.50/155 BUPS IC Earnings Trade (BECS part of trade reduced full profit of the IC by 50%)
$BA Earnings BUPS 210/215
$AMD 16 call (Covered)
$SVXY 55 put
$HCA 88 calls

$HCA 83.5 puts (82.24 basis)
$WYNN 133 puts (129.50 basis)

Have a wonderful weekend.