This is not an ad,…

This is not an ad, just something I find ironic at this time. Don Fishback has released a new service based on VIX trading. It is either long the XIV/VXX depending on volatility. From what I can tell most of the time it is long XIV which is similar to SVXY or the VXX or UVXY when vol spikes. Some of you have been doing this for years with the SVXY/UVXY trades. I think they are charging $1495 for it for a year.

Full disclosure, I took some of Don’s classes when I was learning and they were legit. Even priced fairly when they were on special/sale and has shaped my trading since and he predominantly sells options. But no need to spend money on something we have been doing for years. Maybe we should package our trades and sell them? Ha ha…….

VXX has options but XIV does not. Probably better to stick with our SVXY/UVXY trades so we can sell options and play both sides in both directions. Plus the contago effect of the SVXY/UVXY makes buying options on these an up hill battle or gives the sellers a tail wind. Even with VIX up slightly today SVXY is up and UVXY is down. Nice headwind!

In the long run the house always wins! To take a quote from one of their services, always be the house.