AAPL Earnings

#earningstrade Followed a bearish TT trade but went to Aug. 18, bought a 143/146/146/149 put butterfly for .43, profitable between 143.50 and 148.50

ULTI earnings

#Earnings I’m not taking this trade because I’m a bit light on buying power, but worth looking at for the Aug 18th options. That’s 17 days away, and the stock has not fallen more than 12% at any point after earnings, even up to 21-days after. The 200 puts are about 12% OTM. You can be even safer selling the 195 or 190’s. Also nicely below trend channel and 200 ma.

Here are 21-day stats: Biggest UP move: 8.7%, Biggest DOWN move: -5.9%, Average move: 5.0%.

AAPL earnings

#Earnings #IronButterfly 150.00 is a nice round number with higher open interest, so playing this one for a pin on Friday.

Sold to Open $AAPL Aug 4th 145/150/155 iron butterflys for 3.67. Max risk, 1.33.

ONE-DAY moves: Biggest UP move: 6.5%, Biggest DOWN move: -6.6%, Average move: 4.1%.


Sold Aug 11th 1050/1040 BeCS @ 0.80 when $AMZN was at 999.22.  Dan had suggested that $AMZN would have a difficult time working back up after the earnings miss.  So I’m using this short term trade as part of my class practice.

$GRMN #ShortPuts – Sold GRMN…

$GRMN #ShortPuts – Sold GRMN AUG 4 2017 45.5 Puts @ 0.25 with the stock at 50.05
These expire Friday.
The 1 year low on the stock is 46.05 set during earnings season in September 2016

VMC puts

Sold $VMC Sep 15 105 puts @ 1.25. Earnings are tomorrow before the bell.


Followed Iceman at 1.65 on the March 37.5 puts. I think we may have seen a bottom in the oil stocks but, it is not a bull market in that sector.