Expired Full Profit
$LABU 62 call (covered)
$SPX 2295/2320 BUPS
$SPX 2385/2410 BUPS
$SPX 2350/2375 BUPS
$SVXY 81 calls Thank you @optioniceman
$GOOGL 1010/990 BECS
$GDDY 40 put Earnings trade
$PYPL 61 call
$PYPL 59 put
$NVDA 145/150 BUPS
$AMZN 940/950 BUPS
$AMZN 1050/1045 BECS
$WYNN 125/130 BUPS
$VEEV 60 put
$COST 150/155 BUPS
$COST 160 call (Covered)
$SVXY 45 put
$SVXY 82 call (covered idea from @optioniceman)
$BABA 130/140 BUPS
$BABA 135/145 BUPS
$NVDA 135/145 BUPS
MS 45 put

Expired Full Loss
$AMZN 1010/1045 BUCS (really bad loss)
$VEEV 65/70 BUCS
$UVXY 32/27 BECS
$PYPL 62 call (long)
$VRX 17/20 BUCS
$SWIR 30 calls
$GOOGL 940/960 BUPS
$JD 42/44 BUCS full loss

Believe it or not I did have a positive month end OPEX. I have to learn
that just because I am bullish does not mean the stock agrees with me.
Some of these stocks were downright disagreeable. I have to learn how
to place stops and be pleased that I am preserving some capital when a
trade goes against my premise. Sort of rant over. I feel better. Perhaps
that’s because I played golf this morning.

Thanks to everyone for all your assistance.
Have a great weekend and a magnificent eclipse.