Bulls ran me over

#Earnings. Quite a week for blind trading… Thursday’s bullish run looks good for my trades in $SHOP (#Earnings), $MRVL (#PreEarnings), and $NVDA (#SuperCharger).

But I’m under water with naked calls 330 calls in $TSLA, and #CoveredCalls in $AAPL and $SQ. I will have to roll on Friday. May require me to stay up late!

Closed $TSLA 260 puts for .06. Sold for 2.75
Sold $PYPL Aug 17th 87.5 #SyntheticCoveredCalls for .80.


Yesterday I forgot to check earnings, on MZOR, had a 100 shares and a 65.0 August Put. Well it was down over 10 points this morning. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy the rest of the day. So learn from this, and check EARNINGS DATE on your trades. I know I learned from this, the hard way. Good thing I used risk management, and didn’t have too much.


STO June 2019, 80 puts @1.05, took all day to get a fill on that one.


STC Aug 10 1740/1742.5 #supercharger @ 2.30 put on yesterday @ 1.85
allowed 1 winner


Got run over with BWBF was out most of day and now max loss
Close #supercharger in NFLX & GOOGL this AM at almost total loss, now coming back
Snake bitten
Bad day at black rock

SHAK Earnings

#Earnings #JadeLizard – With the IV in this thing and only one day to go I feel like I’ve gotta do something. Working both sides at the expected move (+/- 6.50) and selling a Jade Lizard. No upside risk here and breakeven down around the 100ma. One third position size just in case a repair is needed.

Sold 57.0 Puts and Sold 70/71 Call Spreads @ 1.19 total credit

#ShortPuts Afternoon all. I didn’t…

#ShortPuts Afternoon all. I didn’t get to post these yesterday as the current spate of storms kept knocking the power out. With more on the way I decided I had better remedy my deficiency.
Yesterday I sold Aug 03 8 Puts on P @ 0.15. It looks like Pandora might make for a decent PIE trade on a weekly basis. So I’m giving it a whorl.
Sold Aug 03 32.50 Puts on IQ @ 0.50. Crappy timing. I will roll this out.
I was assigned the second MU Aug 03rd 58 Put. Now if it can crawl out of the gutter life would be grand.