#pietrades and #fuzzies MU 2020…

#pietrades and #fuzzies

MU 2020 55/55 calendar rolled out to 15 DTE and down to 53.5 for 0.71 credit. Cost basis now 12.62

WDC assigned on 7 contracts 75 puts at 73.71 cost basis. I am sure the other 3 will assign so sold 10, 8 DTE 69.5 cc at 0.93 dropping cost basis to 72.78.

I can see both of these are reversing already so will end up adjusting.

TQQQ 60 cc rolled out to next week for 0.9 credit. Cost basis now 57.79 batch 1

TQQQ 59 CC rolled to next week for 0.7 credit. Cb now 57.25 batch 2

AMAT 47 cc rolled out next week for 0.41 credit. cb now 49.76 on batch 1

AMAT 47 cc rolled out next week for 0.35 credit. Cb now 46.64 on batch 2. Will let this one call out if ITM next week and this batch repaired from earnings after 5 weeks. However, this is a small account and I think I can do better with a #fuzzy.

Seems like 5 out of my last 8 earnings trades all went bad. Maybe time to reconsider earnings trades, at least as a #pietrade. Probably better to skip that week then re-establish the week after.

Also the triple ETFs have been easier to manage. Not saying lower risk, but easier to manage. The extra premiums allow you to roll easier, move strikes ITM, OTM, or ATM and still take in good credits. The higher premiums create more opportunities.

From an income standpoint #pietrades make the most income but on a percentage basis the #fuzzies are doing better. Also better for smaller accounts.

So what does this mean, see below for the 45-22 DTE ladders for #pietrades. Small accounts will use spreads and #fuzzy, and #supercharger.

Have officially made back 33% of the SVXY losses. 3 accounts have fully recovered but 2 accounts have a long way to go. Having to be more conservative with those accounts as well because they are small/tiny now and another loss would wipe them out so the other reason I am looking at longer duration trades.