LITE BUPS Closed Early / AAXN Short Calls Closed Early

Closed Early
$LITE BTC 8/17 50/55 BUPS at .30 STO 7/16 at 1.25

Closed Early
$AAXN BTC 8/17 80 calls at .05. STO at 2.25 on 7/23

SPX Campaign / Rolled MZOR puts

$SPX STO 8/24 2760/2785 at 2.70

$MZOR BTC 8/17 70 puts and STO 9/21 70 puts at an additional .04 credit. Yes Four Cents. But I get 4 weeks.


#ShortPuts #IRA – Freeing up some more room in an #IRA. Earnings on this one next week so maybe get a chance to sell it again.

Bought to Close NVDA JAN 18 2019 150.0 Put @ .67 (sold for 4.40)

#fallingknife MCHP is down 11%…


MCHP is down 11%
Good premium in Jan

SYNA down 10%
EWZ down 4%
TXN down 4%

Selling some premium in TSLA

Selling an iron condor with a body width of 100 points in September. Lots of uncertainty with this stock so there’s good premium out of the money. Short strikes are near 20 delta. Risking 6.70 to make 3.30. If this makes a strong move in either direction I’ll roll the other side in for additional credit.

Sold $TSLA Sep 21 290/300/400/410 iron condor @ 3.30.


Is this the start of something bigger or just the weekend selling?


In my IRA, I bought the 2020, 66.67 calls and sold the August 17, 69.5 calls for a net debit of 16.05 so need .22 cents per week to break even.