#optionsexpiration Only 1 trade today….


Only 1 trade today. Rolled XBI # fuzzy 87/95 and 95/95 out 2 weeks 22 DTE for 0.37 credit. Cb now 6.43 and 2.95.

Expirations tomorrow
TQQQ lot 1 65.5 cc will let call out at cb of 62.78
TQQQ lot 2 66 cc at 65.02 cb
TQQQ lot 3 65.5 cc at 62.98 cb
TQQQ lot 4 65 cc at 63.90 cb

Will reload on Tuesday.

Hopefully we get more than a 10 point /ES pull back, everything is way extended and do not want to chase trades up. Waiting for a good pull back in LABU. Next pull back I will load a synthetic long, missing a lot of upside by just selling puts.

Have a good long weekend!