BTO September 28, 225/235 bull call spread @ 8.25, stock trading at 236

TLRY puts

#Scary Sold $TLRY Sept 21st 150 puts for 1.85. One put in each of two retirement accounts.

TLRY, I bailed on my 250/300 September 28, bear call spread

Took a 5 point loss. Too crazy for me.


BOT +1 +1/1/-2/2 NFLX 100 19 OCT 18 360/355/340/335 PUT @-.66
Order BTC .19 30% of credit. Think I got this correct.

SSO lophir

Bot SSO Oct18 +1/-2/-1/+2 126/124/122/119 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT @ .55 credit. GTC order to close @ .16.
This is a rinse and repeat trade. When this one closes, I replace it immediately with a new trade… 28 to 35dte, deltas 40/30/22/15. GTC order to close @ 30% of credit received.


VXX short stock

#VXXGame Waited a long time for this… Bought to cover 10 shares of $VXX shares for 26.95. Was early assigned 100 short shares on Feb 12th via a 27 short call. I will scale out as it moves down.

ISRG lophir

Bot ISRG Oct26 +1/-2/-1/+2 547.5/535/520/505 put/put/put/put @ 3.60 credit. GTC order to close @ 1.80 or day before earnings whichever comes first. Earnings report not yet confirmed. This is not specifically an earnings trade. I just want to avoid earnings risk.

I’m doing rinse and repeat trades on AMZN, ISRG, and SSO. This means that when a 28-35dte lophir closes for profit, I immediately replace with a new trade using the same parameters.