BTO September 28, 225/235 bull call spread @ 8.25, stock trading at 236

TLRY puts

#Scary Sold $TLRY Sept 21st 150 puts for 1.85. One put in each of two retirement accounts.

TLRY, I bailed on my 250/300 September 28, bear call spread

Took a 5 point loss. Too crazy for me.


BOT +1 +1/1/-2/2 NFLX 100 19 OCT 18 360/355/340/335 PUT @-.66
Order BTC .19 30% of credit. Think I got this correct.

SSO lophir

Bot SSO Oct18 +1/-2/-1/+2 126/124/122/119 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT @ .55 credit. GTC order to close @ .16.
This is a rinse and repeat trade. When this one closes, I replace it immediately with a new trade… 28 to 35dte, deltas 40/30/22/15. GTC order to close @ 30% of credit received.


VXX short stock

#VXXGame Waited a long time for this… Bought to cover 10 shares of $VXX shares for 26.95. Was early assigned 100 short shares on Feb 12th via a 27 short call. I will scale out as it moves down.

ISRG lophir

Bot ISRG Oct26 +1/-2/-1/+2 547.5/535/520/505 put/put/put/put @ 3.60 credit. GTC order to close @ 1.80 or day before earnings whichever comes first. Earnings report not yet confirmed. This is not specifically an earnings trade. I just want to avoid earnings risk.

I’m doing rinse and repeat trades on AMZN, ISRG, and SSO. This means that when a 28-35dte lophir closes for profit, I immediately replace with a new trade using the same parameters.



#LongPuts #LEAPS – It’s ratio’d but rolling the weeklies down a little anyway…

Rolled DUST SEP 21 2018 40.0 Put to OCT 12 2018 38.0 Put @ .41 credit
Rolled DUST SEP 28 2018 38.0 Put to OCT 12 2018 37.0 Put @ .47 credit


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Taking the quick winner on the bounce. 4 out of 4 on BABA this year. Still on the radar for a new entry.

Sold to Close BABA JAN 17 2020 160.0 Calls
Bought to Close BABA SEP 21 2018 160.0 Calls

All said and it’s a 3.34 winner on a huge 2 lot. I’ll take it for a quickie…

TLRY madness

Look at the Oct 19th ATM options.
240 call: 50.00
240 put: 105.00

I know puts usually are more than calls, but that’s quite a difference! Sell a straddle and your profit range at expiration would be 85.00-395.00

BABA covered call

#CoveredCallCampaign Nice to see some strength in this one, but worried it’s a dead cat.
Sold $BABA Oct 5th 170 covered call for 1.55.

NFLX lophir pre-earnings

This trade inspired by CMLViz.
Bot NFLX Oct19 350/340/325/300 x 1/-2/-1/2 put @ 8.31 credit. Will close @ 50% profit or day before earnings on Oct 16 whichever comes first. No risk to upside. BE on downside 323. Will adjust with call credit spread or long put at 330, whichever is most cost effective.


STO October 19, 62 covered calls @ .45 on a partial, testing the water.


STC September 28 340/350 bull call spread @ 9.55, bought last week @ 8.45, I got the idea from DeBeers over on SMM.


#BearCallSpreads – Starter positions that I’ll add to on any spikes. If we don’t get any spikes and this thing continues to tank at least I’ve got something…LOL

Sold UVXY JAN 18 2019 39.0/44.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 1.16
Sold UVXY JAN 17 2020 34.0/44.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 1.95

AZO supercharger

Sold for target profit @ 9.40. This one took patience and luck.



BTC September 21, 50 puts @.01, sold at 1.50, I wish I had sold more.