Google Supercharger / CMG TSLA Closed Early / IQ HAL Rolled

Maiden Voyage – shoals abound
$GOOGL STO 9/28 1155/1165 BUCS at 7.20 Thank you @jeffcp66

$CMG BTC 9/28 440/460 BUPS at .50 STO at 3.30 Thank you @ramie77
$TSLA BTC 240/250 BUPS at .55 STO at 1.60 Kudos to @ramie77
$IQ BTC 9/21 35 put and STO 10/19 35 put at .30 additional credit
$HAL BTC 9/21 40 put and STO 10/19 35 put at .26 additional credit

AAOI assignment

I was assigned overnight on my short Jan 75 puts (which I’ve been rolling since they went ITM about a year ago). I thought we had a shot of getting close previous levels again back in July but things have retreated since then. I’ll sell calls on the next big move up but for now just staying long. Premium taken in so for is 11.59 so basis is 63.41.

iPhone X s MAX

6.5″ display, just announced.

Watch live at

1st earnings report

#Earnings Taking a shot on this one since premium is high, but defining max risk since this is its first earnings report, and the options expire next Friday.

Short Strikes are about 20% OTM.
Sold $PVTL Sep 21st 17.5/22.5/34/39 condors for 1.70.


#supercharger – STC 14 SEP 345/350 BuCS @4.70….Opened 8/28 @3.89..

BTO 28 SEP 342.5/347.5 BuCS @3.80…GTC order to close @4.70

#spxcampaign Stopped out of my…

#spxcampaign Stopped out of my Sept 14th 2930/2950 BeCS @ .10 (Profit target). Originally sold 9/7 for .40.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Could be a fake out today so starting gradually with about one third position and non-hedged.

Bought WDC JAN 17 2020 57.5 Calls @ 8.80
Sold WDC SEP 21 2018 58.0 Calls @ 1.01