Thanks for the great Halloween…

Thanks for the great Halloween backgrounds Jeff. Peanuts/Great Pumpkin brings back memories!

#earnings #shortstraddle #longputs TEVA DENN…

#earnings #shortstraddle #longputs TEVA DENN
TEVA Sold Nov. 16, 20 straddle for 2.55
DENN bought Nov. 16, 17.50 put for .55

Had to hit the road, no fill on W, trading from I80 tomorrow maybe.

CI and W DubCals

Added a couple last-minute double calendars right before the close.
Bot CI Nov2/Nov9 212.5 double calendar @ 2.4. GTC order to sell @ 3.2
Bit W Nov2/Nov9 111 double calendar @ 2.3. GTC order to sell 3.5


PVTL covered calls

#Earnings Got assigned this stock with cost basis of 20.35.

Sold $PVTL Nov 16th 21 covered calls for .70

FB double calendar

Sold FB Nov2/9 144 double calendar @ 1.68. Bot ydy @ 1.51. Could have made more but thought the price would fall a lot more after the open.


SSO TNA TQQQ pie trades

I’m switching to a less active trading style starting next week due to family obligations. Here’s my second attempt at pie trades which I think are probably more profitable than all the daily scrambling that I do.

STO SSO Nov9 110p @ 2.60
STO TNA Nov9 61.5p @ 2.70
STO TQQQ Nov9 52p @ 2.60
I don’t mind at all if I get assigned any or all of these. My goal is to start building a portfolio of these ETFs at cheap prices.


TEVA earnings

#Earnings #ironFlies – Can’t help myself. Threw it out there and let it sit and finally got filled. Risk 33 to make 117. 1.50 wide on a 1.83 expected move.

Sold TEVA NOV 2 2018 18.5/20.0/21.5 Iron Flies @ 1.17