#Earnings #IronFlies – Just for the heck of it. Low probability and low risk. Maybe get lucky with the nice even 170 strike.

Sold META JUL 29 2022 165.0/170/0/170.0/175.0 Iron Flies @ 4.55

NIO earnings

#IronFlies #Earnings – Didn’t really get the volatility collapse I was hoping for. These work a lot better on Thursday going into Friday. No interest in messing with it so taking beer money.

Bought to Close NIO AUG 13 2021 42.0/44.0/46.0 Iron Flies @ 1.40 (sold for 1.60)

NIO earnings

#IronFlies #Earnings – Just for fun. Rolling the dice on some of my COIN and OSTK gains.

Sold NIO AUG 13 2021 42.0/44.0/46.0 Iron Flies @ 1.60

FB earnings

#IronFlies – Playing with some house money. Betting a smaller than expected move selling an iron fly.

Sold FB JUL 30 2021 365.0/375.0/375.0/385.0 @ 8.50


#IronFlies – Just for fun playing this as a big dud with little movement. Risk 55 to make 945.

Sold TSLA SEP 25 2020 415.0/425.0/425.0/435.0 Iron Fly @ 9.45

SPLK ULTA WDAY Earnings wrap up

#JadeLizards #IronFlies – Should’ve sold ITM puts on all of these…LOL No upside risk at least paying off a little.

SPLK Lizard closed call side for slightly better than max loss put side expires (.45 gain)
WDAY Lizard expiring (gain .72)
ULTA Iron Fly call side closed for less than max loss put side expires (lottery ticket .70 loss)

3 cases of the Silver Bullets!

ULTA Earnings Lottery Ticket

#IronFlies #Earnings #LotteryTickets – Taking a low risk high reward shot. Risk 85 to make 665. Need a slightly less than half the expected move.

Sold ULTA AUG 28 2020 212.5/220.0/227.5 Iron Fly @ 6.65

RH Earnings

#IronFlies #Earnings – With over a 20 dollar move expected this has very little if any chance of working. Playing it as a lottery ticket out of boredom. Let’s see a 200 pin on this on Friday. 🙂 🙂

Only filled on one so far…

Sold RH DEC 6 2019 195/200/200/205 Iron Fly @ 4.80

Risk 20 to make 480 (now that’s a lottery ticket!)

FIVE SFIX Earnings

#Earnings #JadeLizards #IronFlies – No interest in messing with these beyond today…

Was looking a little weak so booked it:

Bought to Close FIVE JUN 7 2019 117.0/126.0/129.0 Jade Lizard @1.67 (sold for 3.10)

Pulled back just enough to get out at even:

Bought to Close SFIX JUN 7 2019 21.5/24/24/26.5 Iron Flies @ 2.05 (sold for 2.10)

SLB earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies -sold 50 cent wide @ .45…LOL


#Earnings #IronFlies – Just taking a crazy shot here. Hoping all the news is out there now. 350 is also a nice even number (but so is 300 and 400 🙂 ). Selling an iron fly well inside the expected move risking 90 to make 910…

Sold NFLX JAN 18 2019 340/350/360 Iron Fly @ 9.10

This is the $100 I was going to put on the Chiefs +3 line…LOL

AMBA Earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – Let’s try it again…risk .27 to make 1.72. Two wide on a 3.90 expected move. Low risk, low probability, high reward.

Sold AMBA NOV 30 2018 32/34/36 Iron Flies @ 1.73

DLTR Earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – Not looking like it’s gonna come back so taking a tiny loss instead of small loss…LOL Now I can try again in something else. On the bright side the pin action is carrying over to DG although I think DG is a much better store. 🙂

Bought to Close DLTR NOV 30 2018 80.5/83.5/86.5 Iron Flies @ 2.70 (sold for 2.59)

DLTR Earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – As usual…low risk and low probability but good reward if it works. Risk .41 to make 2.59 playing 3 wide on a 5.90 expected move.

Sold DLTR NOV 30 2018 80.5/83.5/86.5 Iron Flies @ 2.59

TWLO Earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – Just for fun…need about half the expected move. Low probability but low risk.

Sold 1 TWLO NOV 9 2018 66.0/71.0/76.0 Iron Fly @ 4.26

AAPL Earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies -Throwing a little house money at this one. Risk 125 to make 625 selling an iron fly 7.50 wide on a 10 dollar expected move.

Sold AAPL NOV 2 2018 212.5/220.0/227.5 Iron Fly @ 6.25

TEVA earnings

#Earnings #ironFlies – Can’t help myself. Threw it out there and let it sit and finally got filled. Risk 33 to make 117. 1.50 wide on a 1.83 expected move.

Sold TEVA NOV 2 2018 18.5/20.0/21.5 Iron Flies @ 1.17


#Earnings #IronFlies – With this market and a max loss of 325 possible I’m taking what I can get and moving on. Didn’t get as much as I was hoping out of this and BIIB but still decent winners for quickies.

Bought to Close ILMN OCT 26 2018 300.0/315.0/330.0 Iron Fly @ 10.00 (sold for 11.75)


#Earnings #IronFlies – I can’t walk away from the table. Risking my /NQ overnight profit here for a bigger payoff. Selling an iron fly just inside the expected move. 15 wide on a 19.80 move. Risking 325 to make 1175…

Sold ILMN OCT 26 2018 300.0/315.0/330.0 Iron Fly @ 11.75

GS earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – Bought to Close GS APR 21 2017 222.5/225.0/227.5 iron flies @ 2.28 (sold for 2.14)

Taking tiny loss and looking for other opportunities…

GS earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – Having a pretty good year in this ticker so risking a few shekels with iron flies…

Sold GS APR 21 2017 222.5/225.0/227.5 iron flies @ 2.14

Risk 36 to make 214 per fly. 2.50 wide with an expected move of 1.60