VIX can’t shake off the fear

#VIXIndicator We spent the morning in Upside Warning territory, but despite a steadily rising SPX all day, the VIX also rose steadily then ended up closing higher on the day.


In one of the smaller accounts that I manage.

Rolled October 19, 73 calls to November 16, 75 calls for a credit of .90 cents. If these expire at zero, I still have 61 more weeks to sell premium. So far, I have collected 14% of the cost of the trade. These are against the 2020 65 calls that I bought at 16.00 on August 10.

Lophirs in top performers

Bought lophirs in top performing stocks in top performing sectors. As explained earlier, these trades do well when price moves up, flat, or down. They lose money on big pullbacks but losses are capped. There is potential earnings risk in October so will have to watch dates as earnings get confirmed. These are half-size positions. Will add opportunistically on pullbacks.

Bot BA Oct26 1/-2/-1/2 362.5/355/347.5/337.5 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT @ 2.71 credit (BE 346)
Bot UNH Oct26 1/-2/-1/2 262.5/260/255/247.5 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT @ 2.22 credit (BE 255)
Bot PG Oct26 +5 1/-2/-1/2 84/83/82/80.5 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT @ .42 credit (BE 81.80)

MU earnings

#Earnings I am long $MU Oct 5th 45 calls for 2.02, bought on the 14th. Also long stock in a #PieTrade. So not adding anything. Over last 12 quarters, Biggest UP move: 12.7%, Biggest DOWN move: -9.2%, Average move: 5.5%.


STC Sept 21 1885.00/1885.5 #supercharger $2.45
BTO 9/6 1.90

Covered Calls

Sold $AAPL Oct 12th 227.5 covered call for 2.13
Sold $FB Oct 12th 172.5 covered call for 1.20
BTC $OLED Sep 21st 114 put for .15. Sold for 1.50 last Friday

A TRADE: Something different for me.

KFY BTO STOCK 49.77 Was or still is a falling knife. Just dipping a toe. ;>)

RHT financial report after closing…


RHT financial report after closing of market today? any idea?


ROKU STO 9/28/18 76.0 CALLS @.94

#shortstrangles SMH TastyTrade idea, sold…

#shortstrangles SMH
TastyTrade idea, sold Nov. 16, 98/113 for 2.53, SMH is just under 108.