Three Expirations

$DBX 28 call
$MO 61 put
$WDC 55 put Thank you @optioniceman you are a nice man!

SPX Campaign / GOOGL Rolled / MU Calls

$SPX STO 9/28 2815/2840 BUPS at 1.80 Thank you @jeffcp66

$GOOGL BTC 9/14 1160/1180 and STO 9/28 1140/1160 at .67 credit Thank you @jsd501 Will be an interesting two weeks. I have my Dramamine ready.
$TNDM STO 10/12 43 puts at 2.39 Like the stock, own some and I think the downdraft will be short lived


$MU BTO 10/19 45 calls at 2.40 Credit Suisse Positive Comments

$NKE BTO 9/28 77.50/87.50 BUCS at 5.45 Stock going up. Earnings 9/25 AM Hope to remember to close before earnings.

Everyone have a safe and restful weekend. Prayers to those in harms way.

Options Expiration 9/14/18

— Expired —
$SPX 2810/2835/2955/2980 iron condors. Sold for 3.80 on Aug 29th.

Have a great WE all

Have a great WE all

EOG 115 put #fuzzy rolled…

EOG 115 put #fuzzy rolled out to 28 DTE for 1.24 credit. CB now 9.96 and still have 69-70 weeks to go so only need 0.14 per week to zero cost basis.

OLED covered call

#PieTrades Sold $OLED Sep 21st 122 call for 1.50.

Trades of my day

#PieTrades created from busted #Earnings trades
Sold $OLED Sep 21st 114 put for 1.50. Selling a call before the close

Sold $AAPL Oct 5th 215 puts for 1.78. Offsetting 230 covered calls.
Sold $SQ Oct 5th 82 puts for 1.00.

#Earnings repair
BTC $TSLA Sep 21st 260 put for 1.40. Sold last week for 11.95. Still holding another, against 300 calls.
$RH Stopped out on Sep 28th 135 calls, for 5.55 and 8.00. Sold for 2.80.
Looks bullish now so sold Oct 5th 130 puts for 2.80.