FIVE earnings

#Earnings Sold $FIVE Sept 28th 100 puts for 1.20. Biggest UP move: 21.9%, Biggest DOWN move: -9.3%, Average move: 6.3%. This trade is -9.7% OTM.

MU double dip. The calls…

MU double dip. The calls I rolled this morning dropped to 0.17 so rolled again for another 0.59. Now 15 DTE on the short 50 calls and long the Jan 2020 55 leaps. All told brought in 1.01 credit today to offset the drop.

AMZN Supercharger

#SuperCharger Bought $AMZN Sept 28th 1890/1900 call spreads for 7.35. Plan to close for 9.40 or more. Thanks @mortlightman for the idea… I was trying to do this with NFLX but wasn’t finding good prices.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Exited this one back on Aug 23rd on the bounce up to the 200ma. Using the drop for a starter in a new one (4th time this year…LOL). It could go lower so starting with 40 percent size (2/5).

Bought BABA JAN 17 2020 160.0 Calls @ 27.20

Sold BABA SEP 14 2018 162.5 Calls @ 2.45



BTO Sept 21 108/110 Call Spread 93.00 #In-Out
Order in to GTC STC 108/110 1.55


BTO Sept 21 1885.0/1887.50 Call Spread #supercharger 1.90

#coveredcalls #rolling WYNN Rolled Sept….

#coveredcalls #rolling WYNN
Rolled Sept. 21, 150 call to Sept. 21, 135 call for 1.39, cost basis down to 146, but WYNN is down to 128, not the way it is supposed to go.

FB Jan

Selling puts in January to potentially acquire the stock at what would be around a 2 year low, or keep the premium. Sold $FB Jan 18 2019 135 puts @ 3.05.


ROKU BTO STOCK @62.32 & 62.42

VXX Whiz trade

Another small Whiz experiment. Opened for a credit and closed for a credit…

Sold VXX SEP 14 2018 28/28.5/29/29.5 Put/Call double vertical @ .11 credit (opened for .14 credit)

.25 credit on the entire trade. I did 4 contracts and he did 150…LOL