#pietrades and making adjustments. I…

#pietrades and making adjustments.

I have some garbage in my accounts right now and just as I start to break even, it moves again. MU, WDC started as #pietrades, converted to #fuzzies. MU was showing a profit yesterday but 5 points down today on MU and 2 on WDC now have created more work. So anyway, here is what I have and will gradually be moving to ETFs. Only problem is some of my accounts are not big enough to handle the good ETFs unless I #fuzzy them which is probably what I should be doing anyway. On a positive note I have made back 25-30% of the SVXY losses in 6 months. Probably another year to make it all back. That was a harder lesson than the /ES in Aug. of 2015 but at least I had a bigger capital base so did not totally destroy the accounts. Will be interesting to see what happens with the premiums when SVXY reverse splits. I will not trade it unhedged!!

MU 55/50 LEAP call rolled out to 8 DTE for 0.42 credit. CB now 10.52
WDC rolled the 15 DTE 60/65 LEAP down to same date but 60 short call for 1.01 credit. Cb now 16.77
EOG 115 LEAP call 15 DTE, no adjustment. Cb 11.20

New trades
LABU STO the 15 DTE 90 put for 1.2. You could do better now.
TQQQ batch 1 cc 65 at 8 DTE for 64.00
TQQQ batch 2 65.5 cc 8 DTE at 64.45
LNG batch 1 66.5 cc 8 DTE at 65.40
LNG batch 2 66.5 cc 8 DTE at 65.65

Added to XBI #fuzzy and now have all Jan 2019 LEAPS and 22 DTE short calls
95/98 leaps at 5.49 this is the new one
87/95 leaps at 6.43
95/95 leaps at 2.95

At least my theta decay is huge.

Need to be better about direction and timing, wil be using my tools more now instead of just placing weekly #pietrades no matter the ticker is doing.

Even with the garbage still made $582 last week but generally stagnant after the last earnings round.

It seems that a lot of my #pietrades have been converted to #fuzzy lately. Maybe I can get to 10 names, 10 contracts each making $1 or more a week, that would be a lot of cash coming in which would offset some of these dogs 🙂