Rolling ALRM and NFLX / SPX Redux

$ALRM BTC 9/21 55 call and STO 10/19 57.50 call at .30 debit.
$NFLX BTC 9/21 365 call and STO 9/28 370 call at .50 debit.
Both are covered

$SPX STO 9/14 2810/2835 BUPS at 1.80

Afternoon Opened an AMZN Sept…

Afternoon Opened an AMZN Sept 21st 1910/1920 BuPS spread for 1.05 when AMZN popped through 2034 during the lunch hour. It hit the Trillion Cap and promptly sold off. I suspect on profit taking.

PYPL synthetic covered

#Earnings My long languishing Jan 2019 100 calls are looking better. Selling calls against them has been a bitch. Truing again:
Sold $PYPL Sept 21st 95 #SyntheticCoveredCalls for 1.10

#shortputs STO EWZ Jan18’19 28…

STO EWZ Jan18’19 28 PUT 2.10

RH earnings

#Earnings $RH down as much as 6% today before earnings after the bell. This is a huge mover and I have spent much of the last couple years being involved in repair trades after earnings. Including now… I already have a Sep 7th 135/180 strangle. So I’m not adding anything new. If the stock moves LESS than its average quarterly move on earnings, I could STILL have one of my sides breached. Be careful out there!

Over last 12 quarters: Biggest UP move: 38.5%, Biggest DOWN move: -28.8%, Average move: 18.6%. Bias is +5.66%.


STO September 14, 1900/1920 bull put spread at 1.90


#Earnings – Short calls got run over on the last announcement so rolled them into ITM put spreads. Getting out now with slight profit after the big run. So long TWLO!

Bought to Close TWLO SEP 21 2018 85.0/75.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.59 (sold for 2.75)


Rolled my September 14, 69 calls to September 28 70 calls for a credit of .40 cents. Just taking the opportunity to roll them to a better strike price and some premium. One day we will get a correction and I will let the short dated calls just expire or am I just smoking hopium.


ROKU STO 9/7/18 64.0 CALLS @.75 When it was up this morning.
CORT STO 9/21/18 16.0 CALLS @.55
TUR STO 9/21/18 21.0 CALLS @.65 May be a “Pie” trade. Forgot the criteria for the “pie” trade. One of my best “premium” stocks.
ROKU STO 9/7/18 63.0 PUT @1.58
ROKU STO 9/7/18 62.5 CALL @1.00 COVERED

STX Falling Knife

Sold $STX Jan 18 2019 40 puts @ 1.15