WTW Short Call / SPOT Short Puts / EXAS Rolling Again / MCD Long Call

$WTW STO 9/21 74 call at $1 (covered – left over from earnings trade – if called away a breakeven)

$SPOT STO 10/19 170/175 BUPS at 1.90
$EXAS BTC 10/19 60 put and STO 10/19 70 put for added 1.40 credit. Now banked 4.60 Thank you @ramie77 for original STO 1/2019 35 puts

$MCD BTO 10/19 165/170 BUCS at 2.05

@ramie77 Have you rolled your…

Have you rolled your DUST $40 calls?


STO Sept 21 77/75 BePS $1.01 #In-Out #Bitty
STC GTC 1.65 DK Special

MLM–Selling Jan puts into the bounce

Sold $MLM Jan 18 2019 165 puts @ 2.80 with the stock at 191.59. Delta 16.

Weekly vs monthly options or…

Weekly vs monthly options or #pietrades vs #optionladder

Not trying to sound greedy but after I converted a lot of #pietrades to #fuzzies and #optionladder, the decay is A LOT slower. Like watching paint dry but there are some advantages and disadvantages. Had a lot of time to think about trading this weekend with tropical storm and hurricane on the way.

higher premiums up front
less frequent adjusting
lower gamma risk, it can move around more before it hurts the overall position.
less trading=less commissions and fewer trades to monitor
easier to adjust
less intensive trading

slower premium decay, much slower my theta is half of what it usually is
less overall premium, you get more up front but 4 weeks of ATM options is a lot more premium than 1 option sale
fewer positions
in the case of diagonals or multi strike calendars, harder to adjust with monthlies. Weeklies let you simply roll up/down/out
less compounding effect, my back of the note pad answer is about 15-20% less annualized returns compared to weeklies

So which one wins? Depends on your goals. Personally I am trying to grow accounts so I will be sticking with mostly weekly and #pietrades. The compounding effects more than offset the additional work.

If you already have everything you need, then #optionladder would probably make more sense.

Some days/months trading is easy, other not so much. These last 6 weeks have been hard for me after earnings went bad and not a lot of time to trade. If it was easy everyone would do it and be good at it.

Thanks again for the ideas. I finally close a lot of these trades in 11 days and can re-deploy capital.

#cat4, #optionladders

TRV Jan puts

Sold $TRV Jan 18 2019 105 puts @ 1.10.
Premium is a bit better now.

#shortcalls $TSLA sold last week’s…

$TSLA sold last week’s 262.50 call with 35 minutes till expiration collect 0.55, easy money.
Stock closed at 263.24, option 0.84 just missed buyback. Margin sales Friday evening at $265 and today at 276.85, 277.80, 280.95 and final capitulation 281.15, must be near the high of day. All for a lousy 0.55.

#fallingknife #shortputs JD Sold Dec….

#fallingknife #shortputs JD
Sold Dec. 21, 24 put for 1.27.

TT: Motion In The Markets


Econ Calendar for week of 9/10/18

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 6.13.35 AM
Econ Calendar Key

Good Morning all

Good Morning all