Direxion Distribution Schedule.


Expiration / TNDM Puts / NFLX Calls Rolled / MZOR Puts Closed

$SPX 2760/2780/2960/2640 Iron Condor Thank you @jdietz1954 and @jeffcp66

$TNDM STO 9/28 41 put at 1.10 Thank you @honkhonk81
Closed Early
$MZOR BTC 11/16 70 puts at 12.80 STO at 17.20 Since company has been acquired at 58.50 not sure how I closed these.

$NFLX BTC 10/5 375 calls and STO 10/19 400 calls at added 2.10 credit (covered)


BTO TNDM STOCK @44.03 BTO Originally as a day trade, but may keep the stock to cover my short calls if the stock keeps moving up.
STO TNDM 9/28/18 41.0 PUTS @1.15
STO TNDM 9/28/18 45.5 CALLS @1.50
STO TNDM 9/28/18 47.0 CALLS @1.25

#putratiospread #fallingknife JD Tastytrade idea…

#putratiospread #fallingknife JD

Tastytrade idea sold Oct. 19 back ratio, sold 2, 24 puts, bought 1, 25 put for .40 credit.

Getting back in BOIL

Haven’t traded this in nearly 2 years but it looks like it’s time to dip a toe in again. Starting small.
Sold $BOIL Jan 18 2019 45 calls @ 1.00 with the stock at 30.94. Highest strike in Jan. Will look to add if there’s a continued move up in nat gas.

#contangoetf, #pietrade

Pre-Earnings days are here again…

Update: This list is based on my research and backtesting. Although I use CML tools, this list did not come from CML nor has it been vetted by them. Buy at your own risk which you already do.

Each quarter, I compile a list of pre-ER candidates based on CML backtests. Attached is the Q4 2018 list. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to modify the spreadsheet to add new ideas, custom setups and confirmed earnings dates. The suggested entry date is the date on which the backtest is based. The yellow highlight means it’s currently in entry week. You can start watching earlier for a good entry or add to a position after this date. This is a starting point for taking a long position in a stock before earnings. Green highlights indicate that the candidate has 100% win rates in more than one setup.

I include only setups and backtests with 100% win rate over at least four quarters, an average return per trade of 40% or more, stocks with weekly options, and medium to high options liquidity. There are many other pre-ER candidates in CML but my preference is to stick with the 100% winners as long as they provide a diverse selection.

Some interesting observations include:

  • WYNN and SWK are the only stocks with a 100% win rate over more than 4 quarters
  • CML has introduced a new pre-ER straddle that I like. It’s in the spreadsheet under the Custom column
  • Many of our favorites have fallen off the 100% win rate list (BA, INTC, MA, PYPL and others)
  • SWK emerges as the best candidate this quarter with 100% win rate across five setups



#rolling EOG rolled 115 put…


EOG rolled 115 put 18 DTE out to 39 DTE for 0.83 credit. Cost basis now 9.13 and still have 68 weeks to manage. I may unhinge this one and just be short the puts if it keeps moving up.

MU trade from Friday did not have time to post. Rolled 50 call from 8 DTE out to 39 for 0.60 credit. Cost basis now 9.1 and same as above 68 weeks left to sell options.


A couple of falling knives today

$KORS-Versace deal ultimately good for the company IMO. Sold Jan 18 55 puts @ 1.10. Strike below 2018 lows in Jun and Feb. Delta 14.
$NWL-Sold Jan 18 18 puts @ .73. If the strike is reached it would be a 6 year low for the stock. I would take assignment there for what would be an almost 5% dividend yield. Delta 25.


AAPL supercharger

Bot AAPL Oct26 205/215 @ 7.91. GTC order to close @ 9.40.
AAPL earnings tentatively 10/30. Historically, earnings have been end of Oct to early Nov so should be able to avoid earnings.



STC 9/28 342.5/357.5 BuCS @4.70. BTO 9/12 @3.80 #supercharger