MTN NVDA Calls / Roku KR Puts

$MTN STO 10/19 310 calls at .90 9/28 earnings
$NVDA STO 9/28 272.5 calls at 1.30 Sold against Long 10/19 265 calls

$ROKU STO 9/28 71.50 put at 1.05 Thank you @honkhonk81 for inspiration
Closed Early
$KR BTC 10/19 30 put at .40 STO 9/17 for 2.11


STC AMZN… 28 Sept 1897.5/1900 BuCS @2.36 with stock @1967.13. BTO 9/21 @1.83. Thanks, @mortlightman. #supercharger
STC XLY…28 Sept 1/-2/-1/2. 116/115/114/112.5 @-.03 . BTO 8/30 @-0.41. Thanks, @kathycon. #lophir

Square up +11% $SQ

Square up +11%



STC #supercharger Sept 28 1147.5/1150 Calls 2.40 cost 1.90

GUSH call sold

#ContangoETFs STO $GUSH March 55 call for 4.20. Looks like I was filled at today’s top.

#spxcampaign Paired my Oct 08th…

#spxcampaign Paired my Oct 08th BECS with Oct 08th 2840 / 2820 BuPS for 1.20 when SPX was at 2916.34. Profit stop is .30 with a Stop Loss of 4.60. I am still trying to find the best stop loss value on these. Sheridan teaches essentially 3X the profit target. I am considering a modification using Jeff’s method of a tag of the short call while maintaining the stop loss on the Put side. Why? The Oct 03rd and Sept 28th Call spreads were stopped out on the gap up for a loss but didn’t tag the short call. Critiques are welcomed.

CLF covered calls

Sold $CLF Nov 16 14 calls @ .54. Another long term hold I wouldn’t mind being taken out of.

RIG covered calls

Sold $RIG Jan 18 2019 16.00 calls @ .62. Been long for a couple of years. Wouldn’t mind getting taken out at 16.

GOOGL pre-earnings lophir

CML recommended a different way of playing GOOGL pre-earnings.

Bot Oct26 1/-2/-1/2 1162.5/1145/1115/1100 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT x1 @-6.51. BE 1121. Max risk $3594. Will let it run to expiration or take 70% quick profit @ 1.95 if it plays out quickly.

#preearnings #lophir


#Earnings Building back after earnings trades gone bad

BTC $TSLA Sep 28th 275/322.5 strangle for 2.40. Sold for 8.20 on Sept 17th. (still holding another lot)
Sold $TSLA Oct 5th 275/322.5 strangle for 11.15 (legged in)

Sold $RH Oct 5th 130 put for 2.80.