UVXY call

#VXXGame Filled right after the bell (since VIX ETF options stay open until 4:15p):
STO $UVXY March 75 call for 5.00. Highest strike.

#pietrade STO FAS Oct12’18 65…


STO FAS Oct12’18 65 PUT 0.47

Don’t Bring Me Down…


EWY strangle

Borrowing an idea from TastyTrade. Selling premium in South Korea.
Sold $EWY Oct 19 68.00/68.50 strangle @ 2.13.
I will treat this like a straddle and take it off at a lower profit target (something around 25%). Breakevens 65.87 and 70.63.

BOIL is back

#ContangoETFs Sold to Open $BOIL Jan 2019 45 call for 1.25. Highest strike.


STC on GTC order 10/5 340/345 BuCS @4.70. BTO 9/18 @3.98 #supercharger

Covered Calls & TSLA

STO $FB Oct 19th 172.5 calls for 2.00
BTC $OLED Sep 28th 124 call for .15. Sold for 1.65 on Friday

BTC $TSLA Sep 28th 275/322.5 strangle for 1.10. Sold for 8.20 on Sep 17th.
STO $TSLA Oct 5th 322.5 call for 5.60, adding to my position. Will sell another put on a down move.

GOOGL Puts Closed Early

$GOOGL BTC 9/28 1140/1160 BUPS at .50 STO at 5.75 on 9/14 This was a roll of the 9/14 1160/1180 Net loss on transaction of 1.80 per contract. Might have kept rolling but half a bird in hand worth something. If I closed out original 9/14 trade per contract loss would have been 7.12. Thank you @jsd501 for your tutelage.

New issue…


GOOGL Supercharger Hits Profit Stop

#GOOGL STC 1155/1165 BUCS at 9.40 BTO at 7.22 Thank you @jeffcp66