#LongCalls #LEAPS – Unfortunately I’ve got to leave before the close so had to take care of these a little early. That was a good thing on some and not so good on others. Either way….rolling and selling.


Bought to Close AMAT SEP 28 2018 46.0 Calls @ .01 (sold for .44)


Overall profitable so far in spite of the selloff. Being careful with a whipsaw now.

Rolled AMBA SEP 14 2018 38.0 Calls to SEP 28 2018 39.0 Calls @ .15 credit


Trade repair I entered as a 1×1 LEAP position. Long up 85 points but blocked by weekly. Rolling both sides up for earnings to get the weekly more rollable for later. A big pullback would give me max profit. Slight overall debit will come out of weekly premium received so far.

Rolled AZO JAN 17 2020 640.0 Call to JAN 17 2020 690.0 Call @ 33.61 credit
Rolled AZO SEP 14 2018 670.0 Call to SEP 28 2018 710.0 Call @ 34.10 debit


Fairly new position non-ratio’d. Still using deltas for roll guidance and looking for the quick winner.

Rolled BABA SEP 14 2018 162.5 Calls to SEP 21 2018 165.0 Calls @ 1.21 credit


Long term that was a non ratio that got run over. Finally got it back to a partial ratio. Looking for break even and then out. Almost rid of most of these old ones that got run over and will look to replace on better entries next time.

Rolled DG SEP 14 2018 104.0 Calls to OCT 5 2018 105.0 Calls @ .19 debit


Ratio’d and coming along nicely.

Rolled ERX SEP 14 2018 34.0 Calls to ERX SEP 21 2018 34.5 Calls @ .34 credit


Treading carefully well below the LEAPS. Maybe I should sell these more aggressively to force a rally and help my ever expanding short DUST position…LOL

Sold GLD OCT 12 2018 115.5 Calls @ .41


An old one that hasn’t worked. Selling weekly to get as much back as I can with even being the goal here too. Just need one decent rally to get out before end of year. Replacing this week’s expiration.

Sold HIMX OCT 26 2018 6.5 Calls @ .22


Bought to Close LABU SEP 14 2018 98.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.75)

Sold LABU SEP 28 2018 98.5 Calls @ 2.10


Long term that got run over but got it back to ratio’d. Starting to look better now. Market makers are not good in this one.

Rolled SMH SEP 14 2018 105.0 Calls to SEP 28 2018 106.5 Calls @ .12 credit


Same as BABA above. Fairly new position non-ratio’d. Still using deltas for roll guidance and looking for the quick winner. Replacing weeklies that filled yesterday for min value right at the close.

Sold XBI SEP 28 2018 97.5 Calls @ .80

Have a great weekend everyone!