#closing #shortputspread AMZN #longcallspread HD…

#closing #shortputspread AMZN #longcallspread HD

AMZN Dec. 3, sold Jan. 15, 3040/3050 put spread for 3.33, bought today for 2.40
HD Dec. 2, bought a Jan. 15, 270/280 call spread for 4.38, finally turned slightly profitable, sold today for 4.80

#longcallspread HD Bought a Jan….

#longcallspread HD

Bought a Jan. 15, 270/280 call spread for 4.38.
This is a “TP says” pick from TastyTrade. He has 4 trades each week, I follow some. Like anyone else, he is right sometimes.

#coveredcalls CC Bought 100 shares,…

#coveredcalls CC #longcallspread BA #shortstrangles JD

CC Bought 100 shares, sold Oct. 2, 21.50 call for 20.55.
BA bought Oct. 23, 165/170 call spread for 2.23
JD sold Nov. 20, 62.50/90 for 3.32

#longcallspread TSLA Bought July 2,…

#longcallspread TSLA

Bought July 2, 1000/1010 call spread for 4.73. I’d like TSLA to go down 500 points.

#coverdcalls #shortputs #longcallspread BOOT TSLA…

#coverdcalls #shortputs #longcallspread BOOT TSLA

End of day Thursday
BOOT bought 100 shares @16, sold April 17 call for 1.50.
BOOT sold April 17, 15 put for .50.
TSLA bought April 24, 550/570 long call spread for 10.94 as a hedge.

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG…

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG #longcallspread SPX
I was able to close these 3 for small gains as earlier this year I was selling short stock at one of the worst times in history.
SPZ #tastytradefollow bought Sept 20, 2825/2840 for 9.50, playing for a bounce.

#longcallspread SPX quick trade Nov…

SPX quick trade Nov 26 2660/2670 for $5, sold few minutes after for $5.50, I expect price to return to R3 2659 from price I entered 2663+. Sold too early, but profitable!

Maybe not so long

#LongCallSpread Not a sunny day for bulls. Bought this yesterday but no going to watch it bleed away if this market is in a new downtrend.

Sold to close $AMZN Nov 23rd 1800/1810 long call spreads for 2.00. Bought yesterday for 2.70.

AMZN call spread

#LongCallSpread Bought to Open $AMZN Nov 23rd 1800/1810 call spreads for 2.69. Purely speculative, and aggressive with the short time period.

#longcallspread STC SPY Oct 19…

STC SPY Oct 12 280/285 for 0.70, bot yesterday 1.70, bounce didn’t materialize so cut loss.

#longcallspread GOOGL BTO Aug 17…

BTO Aug 17 1220/1230 for $1

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Jan 26th 2820/2845 call spreads for 4.25. Provided we’re not on another rocket ship higher, this should be closable within a couple days.


Closing more call spreads

Closed Jan 26th 2740/2765 call spreads for 2.95. Sold last week for 1.70.
Closed Jan 5th 2795/2720 call spreads for 11.80. Sold in a condor Friday for 7.35. Letting the 2675/2650 put spreads expire.

#longcallspread, #reverseroll

#earningstrade #longcallspread CRM Bought Dec….

#earningstrade #longcallspread #longput CRM
Bought Dec. 8 107/115 for 3.07, added a Dec. 15 put for .55 just in case, won’t make a habit of this

SPX ITM roll

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX Sep 22nd 2475/2500 call spreads for 17.95. Sold for 4.50 on Aug 29th.
#ITMroll Sold Sep 29th 2480/2505 call spreads for 17.45.

Also, stopped Sep 29th 2500/2525 for 9.65. Sold for 2.75 on Sep 8th as part of a #RiskReversal. Had to take risk off going into Monday. Will figure out how to roll next week.

#LongCallSpread Finally, bought to Open Sep 22nd 2510/2525 call spreads for 2.75, after the bell. Another hedge against further upside on Monday.

yet more SPX

#SPXcampaign The triage continues as I flip my account from short to long.

Bought to close $SPX Sep 29th 2505/2530 call spreads for 4.00
Sold to Open Oct 6th 2340/2365/2535/2560 #CondorRoll for 3.15, 1.33x position size.

#RiskReversal #LongCallSpread
Bought to OPEN SPX Sep 8th 2480/2495 long call spreads for 2.90
Sold to Open SPX Sep 8th 2450/2425 short put spreads for 3.15
The spread I purchased is only 15-wide, which made it cheaper. Closing this one for $15 would exceed my expectations, so buying a smaller size than I sell works for me.

Also, closed on GTC order:
Sep 15th 2310/2285 put spreads for .20. Sold as a roll on Aug 10th for 2.05

SPX trades yesterday

#SPXcampaign $SPX My apologies for posting trades late. It has been a hectic week after being head-faked on the 17th. Since the Upside Warning I have been aggressively getting long for the short-term.

Closed June 2nd 2290/2265 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.40 on May 2nd.

Stopped: June 7th 2400/2425 call spreads for 9.00. Sold for 4.10 on May 17th.
Stopped: June 9th 2415/2435 call spreads for 5.30. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 3.10 on May 17th.

#ReverseRoll: Sold June 14th 2390/2365 put spreads for 5.00.
#ReverseRoll: Sold June 16h 2390/2365 put spreads for 5.40.

#LongCallSpread: Bought May 31st 2425/2445 call spreads for .80. Designed to take advantage of the possible strong move up after the Upside Warning fires. So far, so good today.

I’ll post today’s trades in a bit.

Double down, risk-reversal

#SPXcampaign Considering this pullback as an opportunity. I doubled down on a #LongCallSpread… Bought to Open $SPX Feb 6th 2330/2355 call spreads for .25. Bought the first batch for 1.35 last week. Cost basis now .85.

Then, sold to open SPX Feb 3rd 2245/2220 put spreads for 1.35. This turns the long spreads into a #RiskReversal, reducing my cost to only .30 for a double-sized long spread. If we start to rally into Friday’s job report, the long spread could get back to 2.00 or 3.00. If not, my loss is minimal. Of course, if this is beginning a correction, then it’s not so pretty.