yet more SPX

#SPXcampaign The triage continues as I flip my account from short to long.

Bought to close $SPX Sep 29th 2505/2530 call spreads for 4.00
Sold to Open Oct 6th 2340/2365/2535/2560 #CondorRoll for 3.15, 1.33x position size.

#RiskReversal #LongCallSpread
Bought to OPEN SPX Sep 8th 2480/2495 long call spreads for 2.90
Sold to Open SPX Sep 8th 2450/2425 short put spreads for 3.15
The spread I purchased is only 15-wide, which made it cheaper. Closing this one for $15 would exceed my expectations, so buying a smaller size than I sell works for me.

Also, closed on GTC order:
Sep 15th 2310/2285 put spreads for .20. Sold as a roll on Aug 10th for 2.05