SPX trades yesterday

#SPXcampaign $SPX My apologies for posting trades late. It has been a hectic week after being head-faked on the 17th. Since the Upside Warning I have been aggressively getting long for the short-term.

Closed June 2nd 2290/2265 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.40 on May 2nd.

Stopped: June 7th 2400/2425 call spreads for 9.00. Sold for 4.10 on May 17th.
Stopped: June 9th 2415/2435 call spreads for 5.30. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 3.10 on May 17th.

#ReverseRoll: Sold June 14th 2390/2365 put spreads for 5.00.
#ReverseRoll: Sold June 16h 2390/2365 put spreads for 5.40.

#LongCallSpread: Bought May 31st 2425/2445 call spreads for .80. Designed to take advantage of the possible strong move up after the Upside Warning fires. So far, so good today.

I’ll post today’s trades in a bit.