#ShortStrangle – Some “expert” gave it a $500 price target this morning so it’s breaking above the 50ma. Rolling my entire strangle up to slightly in the money.

Rolled Oct 20th 345/355 Short Strangle to Oct 20th 360/365 Strangle @ 1.50 credit.

Total premium received is now 15.90 so new breakeven is 344.1 – 380.9

$GWW #ShortStrangle – an unbalanced…

$GWW #ShortStrangle – an unbalanced strangle, at least based on time to expiration.
Sold 1 GWW Oct 20 2017 160.0 Put/GWW Apr 20 2018 230.0 Call @ 3.00 Credit.
Also short other GWW Puts.


#ShortStrangle – Busy week away from the market but one fill today. Had this just for a trade going for 50 percent of max.

Bought to Close EFX OCT 20 2017 75.0/105.0 Strangle @ 2.70 (sold for 5.40)

REGN closed call

#ShortStrangle BTC $REGN 530 call for .20. Sold in the 430/530 strangle for 7.40 on Aug 23rd. My mistake was not closing the put during the rally above 500. I’m not going to roll the call down with the stock so low. If it rallies in the next week or so, I may sell a new call.

REGN dropped

#ShortStrangle I guess not adjusting is working out for my Sep 29th 430/530 strangle.

RH earnings

#Earnings #ShortStrangle
Sold each side separately: $RH Sep 8th 36 puts for .50, and 64.5 calls for .60. Over last 12 earnings, the 3-day moves: Biggest UP move: 21.7%, Biggest DOWN move: -26.4%, Average move: 11.4%. My strikes are each about 28.4% OTM.

$UVXY #ShortStrangle #TastyWorks – I…

$UVXY #ShortStrangle #TastyWorks – I placed my first trade in a TastyWorks account yesterday.
Just checking out the platform, which I do not find very intuitive.
Sold 1 UVXY Sep 8 2017 27/50 Strangle @ 0.30
Cleared 27.71 after commissions and fees, so at least the commissions are low.