RH puts

#ShortStrangle Added to the short side of my $RH strangle, sold Dec 29th 90 puts for 1.20 and 1.30.


#ShortStrangle – An #Earnings play that turned into strangles. Oversold the call side and now seeing a nice bounce. Booking this week’s.

Bought to Close ADSK DEC 8 2017 111.0 Calls @ .27 (sold for .85)

RH call

#Earnings #ShortStrangle Sold $RH Dec 29th 120 call for 1.30, giving me a strangle, after selling the 85 put for 1.65 earlier.

AZO closing

#Earnings #ShortStrangle
Closed one $AZO 780 call for .75. The 615/780 strangle sold yesterday for 4.575 (avg price). Orders in to sell the other call for .40, and the puts for .05.


#ShortStrangle – A little adjustment for some additional premium…

Bought to Close NVDA DEC 15 2017 240.0 Call @ .05
Sold NVDA DEC 15 2017 210.0 Call @ 1.95

Position is now 200/210 strangle @ 6.22

RH mgmt

#Earnings #ShortStrangle #Rolling
After my $RH Dec 1st 80/95 strangle got crushed yesterday, I have been legging into new positions.
Closed Dec 1st 95 calls for 10.20, 11.75, 12.60 (still holding 2 more)
Sold Dec 1st 95 puts for 2.00 and 1.30
Sold Dec 1st 100 puts for 3.20 and 2.55
Closed Dec 1st 80 put for .40. These should be .05 now but premium is hanging on.

Sticking with Dec 1st, prior to earnings for now. Haven’t sold calls yet as that has been continuously futile. I will probably try a couple on peaks.

ATHN earnings

#Earnings #ShortStrangle – First time ever in this ticker. Expected move of 9.75 but seems to exceed the move a lot of the time. Staying small…

Sold ATHN OCT 20 2017 106.0/129.0 Strangles @ 2.35