LK Liking

$LK BTC 3/20 50 call at 2.80. STO on 1/14 for 6.60.

$LK STO 1/31 41 call/37 put at 1.73. The call is covered

BBBY assigned

#Earnings #Assignment Assigned $BBBY shares at 16.50. Need price above 14.63 to breakeven from #ShortStrangle

UBER roll

#Earnings #StrangleRoll #ThatDidntTakeLong

Sold this strangle Friday as a roll from losing #LongStraddle. Already breached, so rolling. Fortunately, the ATM options are not much more than the strangle sold for.

BTC $UBER June 14th 37/43 #ShortStrangle for 1.40. Sold for 1.00 on Friday.
STO $UBER June 21st 40/46 #ShortStrangle for 1.05

UBER bad

#Earnings So much for my speculative play of a #LongStraddle. Seem like the stock really likes 40. Nonetheless it did bounce around today but was unable to sell at the best times because other commitments had me running around the house and town too much.

Sold $UBER 40 straddle for .45. Bought yesterday for 3.15
#Rolling: Sold $UBER Jun 14th 37/43 #ShortStrangle for 1.00. See if I can work that three times and get back the losses.

That loss erases my decent win on $ANF straddle, leaving me flat for the week.

Also, Sold to close $DG call calendar for .10. Bought #DoubleCalendar for .39 on Wednesday. Long 118 put as lottery ticket for next week.

#earnings #shortstrangle DLTR bought strangle…

#earnings #shortstrangle DLTR
bought strangle for .38, sold yesterday for .97.

TSLA weekly strangle

#ShortStrangle Sold to open $TSLA Nov 9th 320/365 strangles for 6.37

AAPL earnings closed

#Earnings #CoveredCallCampaign
I was trying to exit the calls for pennies yesterday but not filled, and now the Oracle has AAPL bulls on a rampage.

Closed $AAPL May 4th 180 calls for .46 (today), and 160 puts for .02 (on Wednesday). #ShortStrangle sold for 1.27 on Tuesday.