#optionsexpiration, adjutements, rolls, new trades…

#optionsexpiration, adjustments, rolls, new trades

XBI 78/82/8.25 should expire tomorrow for 1.26 profit per contract
AMAT BTC the 39 puts for 0.29 that expire tomorrow. Sold for 0.71 last week. Tradestation so can’t trade until tomorrow. I think I will replace it with a #pietrades 108 CC on IBB currently for around 106.89. Obviously that will be different tomorrow.
FAS STO 56 cc for 54.77 expires in 8 DTE
TQQQ batch 1 50 cc rolled out 22 DTE to 51 CC for 0.26 credit. Cb now 57.04 and will have to stay ahead of the rolls.
TQQQ batch 2 50 cc rolled out 36 dTE 51 cc for 0.55 credit. Cb 57.10 and same as above.

LNG 50/60 8 DTE rolled out to 22 DTE for 0.3 credit. Cb now 13.26
All the others were updated and expire next 1-2 weeks.

Back to even from the start of the October volatility. Now keep working on getting back to even from SVXY losses. Expect at least another 12-24 months unless everything goes perfectly, hahahaha, yeah that would happen 🙂

Something I noticed about #fuzzy over the last 3-4 months. As long as you keep rolling and generating cash they seem to withstand market volatility better than many other trades. In a few small accounts, I generated almost 50% of the value of the account in cash over that time even though the paper value was steadily declining. Have to agree with @fuzzballl, they are flexible. However, going forward I think I will take profit and then reset as we discussed earlier. I think it would make management easier and also lock in profits and also allow you to move the strikes more effectively as the market moves.

Options Expiration

#OptionsExpiration – Actually had one this week…

RTN 162.0/172.0 Bear Call Spreads (sold for .69)

Options Expiration 11/16/18

#OptionsExpiration A couple of losers this week:

$NVDA 185/180 put spreads, sold for 1.10 yesterday. Decided not to take stock due to heavy margin cost. I’ll get it back by making bullish plays, but wait for a better sign of QQQ and NVDA recovering.

$SPX long 284 calls. Bought for 1.71 average, back in the early days of this correction, where I was believing it would be a quicker “V” shaped October.

Expirations and Trade

Been off the grid for the last two weeks.
Started up again this week.
Glad to be back in the bistro.

$SPX 2745/2755 BUPS Inspired by @jeffcp66. Thank you.
$WTW 72 calls (covered) Still own stock at rock bottom price 😉
$BABA 155 calls (covered)
$AAPL 207.5 calls (covered)
$TWLO 60/83 strangle STO @ 2.23 BTC @ 8.00
$Z 34/47 strangle STO @ 1.50 Will be assigned shares at 34 Basis 32.5

$AMZN STO 11/16 1575/1625 BUPS at 5.50 Thank you @ramie77

Great weekend to all and thanks to all the veterans who served our country.

#optionsexpiration Afternoon. Just a couple…

Afternoon. Just a couple expiring.
NUGT 10/5 14.5 Calls sold @ 0.47
MU 10/5 47.5 Calls Sold @ 0.32

Options Expiration

#OptionsExpiration – Had a few this week…

AMBA 39 Calls (sold for .70)
EWZ 35 Calls (sold for .46)
LABU 98.5 Calls (sold for 2.10)
PYPL 88.5 Calls (sold for .75)
SMH 106.5 Calls (sold for .77)
XBI 97.5 Calls (sold for .80)

Options Expiration 9/28/18

#OptionsExpiration #SPXcampaign

— Expiring —
$SPX 2815/2840/2950/2975 condors, sold for 3.65 on Sep 13th