#LongCalls #LongPuts #LEAPS – It was an interesting experiment trading both sides. I think it could’ve worked but with all the crazy stuff going on I’m completely out. Taking a loss but luckily had captured a bunch of premium already. Normally I would stick it out and try to get to even but this is one of those cases where I think putting the cash to work elsewhere is the best for me.

Seems like I have one clunker every year…CMG in 2016 and REGN in 2017. One big loss that’s only partially offset by other winners within the ticker. Same here…loss that wipes out my TSLA 2018 gains plus a little more. But, that’s why you stay small in these types of positions.

Closed my put side yesterday with the final numbers being a 5.27 loss on a 2 lot.
Closed my call side today with the final numbers being an 18.30 loss on a 2 lot.

The cash will be deployed elsewhere and I’ll get that back…LOL Might even sell some TSLA spreads. BTW…I still like the cars and love the Space X program. Not particularly a fan of the Muskie though!