Hello everyone,

Have not posted in a long time, busy at work with a new office, Covid, but more importantly for option traders have been working on several new projects and tactics with some of the professionals I have worked with over the years.

The 2 most exciting of these is Byran Klindworth, who developed the market tide and rate of change indicators, and I have been working on an indicator specifically for option selling and also a trading robot. We are currently in the process of beta testing both. They both work very well. I am not selling anything here, those that have the market tide already have some of the code, we are just making some adjustments.

However we have taken it a step further and are actually about to roll out an AI, quantitative analysis trading program that can actually be traded as a robot. His/her name is HERMES. It goes live on Tradestation tomorrow. Preliminary results about 2 months ago resulted in doubling a small account in 4-5 weeks. We are now scaling that up to a $5000 account to see how much slippage and commissions affect profits in real time with real money.
At first, we are putting a human filter on the trades before doing them, but later it will be able to trade automatically.

Also I have been working on tactics for Trader’s Reserve and have had excellent results substituting synthetics for regular trades. Live trading we have 260% annualized returns in some accounts including the Feb.-March meltdown.

Anyway, there is a new website developing for the robot/Hermes.

Welcome to Quant Culture

Stay tuned, we will give updates as it trades and progresses and everything will be transparent for those that are interested including the performance.

Again, not selling anything but there will be some tools on the website that might be interesting for all of you. First retail available quant trade program for the masses. We built a computer that can handle 1 trillion calculations a second and it still took 7 days to back test everything and optimize the robot. Bryan handled the coding, the math is way above my level, but it has the collective knowledge of some of the best trading strategies ever developed programmed into it.

As I said, stay tuned!

On a more personal note, hope everyone is doing well and have some time finally to start posting trades again. Wear your mask to avoid the Covid, they work.

Cheers, Chris