DKNG Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – Looks like I dodged the BYND bullet so taking another shot at earnings. Going out an extra week…

Sold DKNG NOV 20 2020 37.0 Puts @ .90

#closing DKNG Sept. 25, sold…

#closing DKNG
Sept. 25, sold a Nov. 20, 35 put for 1.05. Closed today for .44
Oct. 28, sold a Nov. 20, 52.50 call for .80. Closed today for .29.

Earnings tomorrow, decided to cash in my chips.

SPY early Roll

Bought to close 1 SPY 11/13/2002 340.0 Call / Sold 1 SPY 11/18/341.0 Call @ 0.07 Credit with SPY at 352.29
Bumped the strike up 1 point closer to my long Dec 355 call.
Even if SPY falls more tomorrow, I doubt the spread between the options changes much because they are too far in the money.


Since I’ve rolled most of my short put exposure to next Friday, I’m selling some counter-balancing calls to create some short strangles.
Sold 11/20/2020 26.0 Calls @ 0.39 with VXX at 20.30.

Also sold some more calls for this week – Sold VXX 11/09/2020 23.50 Calls @ 0.11.
Trying to encourage a few short puts in VXX to expire tomorrow.

Edit: Added some VXX 11/13/2020 23.0 short Diagonal Calls @ 0.11 and 0.15

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Sold to Close $SPX Nov 13th 3600/3580 put spreads for 18.30. Condors bought Monday for 17.25.

This leaves the call side available and eliminates upside risk. I will look for a reversal to take profits, but if I dont get one the trade is already profitable.


TDOC currently trading @ $185

BTO TDOC Dec 04, 192.5 / 185.0 / 172.5 Broken Wing Put Butterfly @ $0.78 credit.

No risk to the upside (keep the credit) – downside breakeven $177.


VXX Puts

One more early roll that brings my short strike closer to the strikes of my 2021 long puts

Bringing in $Cash and buying more time

Bought to close to Close VXX Nov 13 2020 22.0 Puts / Sold to Open VXX Nov 20 2020 21.5 Puts @ 0.02 Credit but lowered the strike 0.50.

I now only have strike 19.0 and 19.50 puts to worry about for tomorrow.
A covering trade @ 0.01 or an expiration on both would be welcome.

RH BWB – add layer (not)

Yesterday: ‘A tingle of greed urges me to capitalize where $400 could be an obvious resistance level. 52 week high was $410. Earnings are on 12/03. So:

STO RH Nov 20, 420 / 430 Bear Call Spread for $2.20.

Started with 1 contract, ready to scale up if RH momentum continues’.

Today: RH moves rapidly to $420. I mean there’s momentum and there’s momentum. Moving out of the way of the freight train, so closed out the 1 contract for a debit of $5.30. Call it stop loss trigger.

#jadelizard WYNN WYNN has been…

#jadelizard WYNN

WYNN has been dropping after a pretty big runup. Sold Dec. 18, 77.50/90/92.50 for 3.50. No upside risk, downside break even is 74, stock at 88.


#ShortPuts #GreenNewDeal – A buddy of mine pointed this one out. Throwing these out there just to get it on the radar since it’s my first time in it. Selling the expected move and 50ma…

Sold TAN DEC 18 2020 65.0 Puts @ 1.35


#ShortPuts – Taking the one day quickie…

Bought to Close DDOG DEC 18 2020 65.0 Puts @ .50 (sold for 1.20)



$FTCH STO 11/20 41 puts at 2.05

TQQQ, BTC November 20, 100…

TQQQ, BTC November 20, 100 puts at .01, sold at 2.11
IIPR , BTC November 20, 110 puts at .05, sold at 2.25
Labu, BTC November 20, 40 put at .05, sold at 1.60

Wild ride over past 30 days…..definitely need to learn more about handling volatility around earnings