Market’s end of day fade

Not political, just observing that Mitch McConnell’s comments about Trump’s legal fight(s) may have gotten some notice:

Things could get hairy for a while in the markets before they calm down if election uncertainty gets priced back into this again.



$OLLI STO 11/20 82.5 put at 1.20

BYND Earnings

#JadeLizards #Earnings – Taking a small shot needing a little down move. No upside risk…

Sold BYND NOV 13 2020 125.0/144.0/147.0 Jade Lizard @ 3.05


#ShortPuts – Starter…

Sold TQQQ DEC 18 2020 95.0 Put @ 2.05

TQQQ Put Closed


$TQQQ BTC 12/18 45 put at .40. STO at 2.75 on 7/21. Thank you @jsd501

SPX 7dte

#SPX7dteLong Bought to open $SPX Nov 13th 3580/3600-3610/3630 iron condors for 17.25, with SPX at 3603.

Expiring with max profit of 20.00: Nov 9th 3430/3450 call spreads. Condors bought last Wednesday for 18.20.


#ShortPuts – Nice down day on this…let’s try to talk it down even more for earnings next week. Selling just outside the expected move and down nearer to the 50ma.

Sold NVDA NOV 13 2020 535.0 Put @ 2.30


#ShortPuts #CoveredCalls – Got lucky with a 290 put expiration on Friday since the stock never opened. In a different account I’ll be assigned at about 271 so covering that now on this little bounce. Will continue mixing in put sales as well. The actual announcement on the drug isn’t until March so might have decent premium until then.

Sold BIIB NOV 27 2020 260.0 Call @ 2.35

Also taking the morning scalp…

Bought to Close BIIB NOV 13 2020 225.0 Put @ 1.40 (sold this morning @ 5.60)

#closing #shortputspread WYNN Nov. 6,…

#closing #shortputspread WYNN
Nov. 6, sold Nov. 20, 70/75 put spread for a 1.05 gamble, cashed in my chips today for .05.
Thanks @fuzzballl for the idea.


Sold to open SLB 11/13/2020 18.50 Covered Calls @ 0.19.
Sold to open SLB 11/13/2020 19.00 Covered Calls @ 0.13.
Sold to open SLB 11/13/2020 20.00 Covered Calls @ 0.12.


Sold to open AAL 11/13/2020 17.00 Covered Calls @ 0.17.
Sold to open AAL 11/20/2020 17.00 Covered Calls @ 0.30.


#ShortPuts – A little early but had so few positions figured I’d take a shot…

Sold BIIB NOV 13 2020 225.0 Put @ 5.60
Sold NFLX NOV 20 2020 450.0 Put @ 5.00
Sold TDOC NOV 20 2020 170.0 Put @ 4.00


BTC $OSTK Nov-20-2020 $85 #CoveredCalls – Was STO @10.40 on 10/16 when the stock was at $82.09.
Still holding the stock.


Nice day to have leftover “lottery ticket” long calls from old diagonal spreads.
Will try and exit as many as I can.

Downside Warning canceled

….at the open with SPX hitting new all-time highs. #VIXIndicator

SPX 1-dte

Wow. Perfect day for a #RiskReversal. Definitely should have known…. but Friday being flat made me think the upward move would be limited. Nothing to do but take the loss, with slim hope for some intraday reversal.