SPX closures

#SPXcampaign These closed on GTC orders, on the downs then ups of the day…
$SPX July 7th 2455/2480 call spreads for .25. Sold for 4.25 on June 16th.
$SPX July 10th 2375/2350 put spreads for .25. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 5.60 on June 29th.

#ITM roll
Closed July 12th 2420/2445 call spreads for 13.75. Sold as part of an #IBroll for 18.85 on June 29th.
Sold to Open July 19th 2425/2450 call spreads for 14.00.

I’m leaving the put side of the #IronButterfly now, since it is currently OTM. Will keep an eye and roll it should we drop below 2410.