HOOD lottery ticket update…

#BullPutSpreads – I know a couple followed me on this so a quick update.

Original trade: Sold HOOD MAY 20 2022 25.0/15.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 9.00

Risking 1 to make 9 if the stock took off. (it didn’t).

So on a bounce a few days ago figuring it would get sold:

Sold HOOD MAY 20 2022 10.0 Calls @ 1.00

If HOOD closes below 10 on Friday whole position goes away at even. If HOOD is above 10 but below 25 I’ll close the long put near end of day and take the double exercise assigned/called away at 10 for breakeven. The stock would really have to see some good news for me to even consider rolling the 10 strike short calls and keeping the stock.