SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte. Unadvisedly waited it out and call side expired worthless.

Sold to Open $SPX May 27th 3925/3945-4135/4155 condors for 1.45, a few minutes after the closing bell.

VXX Puts

A bit of a scalp on the short put. If I have to roll the short put, the market is still rising, helping a lot of my other stocks.
Bought VXX Jan 20 2023 7.0 Puts at $0.12
Sold to Open VXX May 27 2022 22.5 Puts at $0.15 for a $0.03 Credit
Long DTE = 239
Short DTE = 1


#CoveredCalls – A few more.

Bought to Close XBI MAY 27 2022 74.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .87)
Sold XBI JUN 3 2022 72.5 Calls @ .80


#CoveredCalls – Sold a new one and then stopped out of this week’s.

Sold NVDA JUN 10 2022 190.0 Call @ 3.20
Bought to Close NVDA MAY 27 2022 185.0 Call @ 1.15 (sold for 3.75)

TNA Scalps

Sold 1 TNA May 27 2022 42.5 Call at $0.92
Sold 1 TNA May 27 2022 43.0 Call at $0.68
Expires tomorrow

TQQQ Call scalp

Sold TQQQ May 27 2022 31.0 Calls at $0.31 and $0.47. Expires tomorrow

NVDA earnings

#ShorttPuts #Earnings – Right at the open on the early weakness rolled for additional credit.

Rolled NVDA JUN 17 2022 135.0 Put to JUN 17 2022 155.0 Put @ 4.50 credit (8.95 total now)

SPX stop hit

#SPX1dte Stop hit on the 4065/4085 call side, so looking to exit. This pretty much means that literally every other day this strategy hits its stop point, and it can be either on the put or call side. It may be prudent to alternate between short and long spreads. It seems each volatile day is followed by a more docile one, and vice versa. In any case, it’s the first prolonged period since the 2020 crash that this strategy has struggled.

Bought to close $SPX May 26th 3960/3940 put spreads for .05. Condors sold yesterday for 1.75


A 1 for 4 reverse split in KOLD took place on the open today, putting the stock back above 20.

TMUS Stock

Sold the second half of my TMUS stock at $132.94. Bought this on 01/10/22 at 106.70.
Just raising some cash while getting rid of another no-dividend stock.