They’re building it, so I came

Well, I stayed out of Hollywood for over 13 years, but they dragged me back in. I’m back in LA to work on the TV series version of Field of Dreams. Just started today and it will last until end of the year. I am going to keep my #SPX1dte strategy going as best I can but won’t be able to post all of my trades or keep the site updated every day.

For instance, today my Friday trade expired worthless but I wasn’t able to place a trade for tomorrow.

Keep Options Bistro going with all of your Posts!



BTC 27 MAY 2022 28 CALL @.25/ STO .63 on 5/13
2 DAYS +50%
wait on next bump up.
STO 20 MAY 2022 18.5 PUT @.39


STO December 16, 60 call at 1.40 for a partial fill


Added a bit at $37.50
Now below where it was before Elon’s offer.
Did Musk lie again???
#SP500 #FallingKnife


VXX Put Spreads

Bought to Open VXX Jan 20 2023 8.0 Puts / Sold to Open VXX May 20 2022 24.5 Puts at $0.06 Net Credit
Bought to Open VXX Jan 20 2023 7.0 Puts / Sold to Open VXX May 20 2022 24.0 Puts at $0.03 Net Credit
Long DTE = 249
Short DTE = 4


Rolled some down for next month. Hedged with long November Puts
Bought to close 1 KOLD May 20 2022 8.0 Put at $1.30. Originally sold at $1.57.
Sold to Open 1 KOLD Jun 17 2022 7.0 Put at $1.45 for a $0.15 Credit plus another point lower.


BTC June 17, 160/150 put spread at 1.50 that I sold at.2.10 because I just don’t like the market and other than Iceman, no one seems to be doing much in the market.

TNA Calls

Sold TNA May 20 2022 46.0 Calls at $0.28 and $0.36, replacing calls that expired Friday

BBY Stock

Added a tiny bit of BBY at $82.12, a new low.
P/E = 8.51, Dividend Yield = 4.08%
#SP500 #FallingKnife

TWTR EA Stocks

In January I bought some TWTR at $40.00 and sold it in April at $50.50.
Re-buying a tiny bit at $39.00, a new low since the takeover bid.

Also, selling my highest cost lot and half of my tiny position in EA at $126.27. Bought on 03/15/2022 at $118.00.


Sold LABU May 20 2022 4.5 Puts at $0.15, replacing strike 5.0 puts that expired Friday

VXX Puts

Sold a few of these against June 03 and June 17 long puts at 20.
Sold VXX May 20 2022 25 Puts at $0.31, $0.32, $0.35 and $0.39
Sold VXX May 20 2022 24.5 Puts at $0.14, $0.16 and $0.22
Replacing VXX Puts the expired Friday