Once again my NUGT 19.0/19.5/20.0 short calls are expiring against a long strike 25.0 call position that I have written against at least 5 or 6 times. #DiagonalSpreads

TNA Rollout

Bought to close TNA 01/18/2019 49.50 Calls / Sold TNA 01/25/2019 49.50 Calls @ 0.24 Credit

Bought to close TNA 01/18/2019 51.50 Calls / Sold TNA 01/25/2019 52.00 Calls @ 0.10 Credit + a half point better strike.

Bought to close TNA 01/18/2019 53.00 Calls / Sold TNA 01/25/2019 54.00 Calls @ 0.10 Credit + 1 point better strike.

Finally DONE with all the TNA rolls for this week. Damn that was hard 🙂

GE Rollup

Bought to close GE 01/18/2019 9.00 Covered Calls that are now in the money for 0.19.
Sold to open GE 02/01/2019 9.50 Covered Calls @ 0.29.
Added a half point to the strike price which is now above my 9.44 average stock cost. I will let them take my stock if this one ends up in the money.
I was really hoping this one would have expired so I wouldn’t have to roll it but it moved above 9.0 yesterday and I couldn’t chance an exercise. I probably top ticked the buyback.


New Diagonal Call Spread
Sold to OLED 01/25/2019 105.00 Calls /Bought OLED 02/15/2019 125.00 Calls @ 0.45 Credit with the stock at 100.

The idea is to have the short expire next Friday and have several more weeks to bring in additional premium against the long.

I will still have to deal with my strike 100 covered calls that expire this afternoon as they have just gone in the money. (At least my long stock is 5 points higher than last Friday)


Rolled my largest in the money TNA covered call positions out another week for a 0.10 and a 0.15 Credit.
These getting pretty far in the money.
The Russell 2000 Index has had the largest beginning of the year move in over a decade. Can it last???


Sold TSLA 01/25/2019 355.00 Calls @ 0.95 against some existing long 400 Calls left over from other diagonal spreads.
edit: Added one more @ 1.17 with stock at 317.
The last rally on the stock ran out of gas short of the 355.0 Strike price

F Rollout Call

Bought to close F 01/18/2019 8.50 Covered Calls @ 0.03 (Sold at 0.11)
Sold F 01/25/2019 8.50 Covered Calls @ 0.18.
Since my basis on the stock put to me was 8.63(after the Put premium received) I will likely let them have my stock next Friday if the calls are in the money.