Margin reduction trade, did not…

Margin reduction trade, did not have to do this but was using up a ton of buying power.

EXPE BTO the Jan 2021 125 puts at 17.80. Converting a #pietrade to a #fuzzy just for margin at 17.80. Subtracting the 2.90 and 2.95 from sales the last 2 weeks cost basis 14.88.

With 120 weeks left to trade only need 0.124 per week for zero cost basis. I will still manage these as 43-22 DTE PIE ladders, just hedged.

Also rolled Lot 2 LNG 66 cc out 14 DTE for 0.63 credit. Cost basis 63.6 now.

That’s all for me until next Thurs. unless someone points out a really good trade before then.